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Phone Reading - 8/28/2022

This is the best I have ever had. I am never using another service. There were things you said that you had no way of knowing. I only wish it was taped so I can go back and listen. This was just phenomenal. Not a lot of fluff and the standard response but a sense of in depth information. I truly thank you.

Phone Reading - 8/14/2022

Very, very tuned in. So much so that I continued my reading. Gave ACCURATE information without me saying anything. Gave good advice on how to proceed. Very on point.

Phone Reading - 7/22/2022

I thought he was direct and to the point. He hit on a few things without me talking at all .

Phone Reading - 4/11/2022

She was to the point, extremely factual with out me giving any information.During the reading I was comfortable enough to give her background later, and she blew me away. She has got to be one of the best.