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Chat Reading - 7/5/2022

I love Mattie! She’s like a friend I can go to for any guidance and comfort and she always delivers consistent and honest readings. She is also reassuring and delivers honesty with comforting feedback and hope at the same time. I highly suggest her and I read with her all the time for a reason! Thank you Mattie!!

Phone Reading - 7/5/2022

She was very nice and she tries giving lots of information. She is honest. I just did find it hard to ask some of my questions because some of her answers gave way too long of explanations and I kept trying to cut her off so I could make more use of my time and get all the info I wanted to know. I feel bad that I had to get a refund and give a lower rating because I do like her personality and she is caring! She does have a gift, I just wish I could get more questions in with the time I spent.

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Phone Reading - 7/4/2022

She was kind and friendly, yet used my time to go on giving too much advice I didn’t need. When I kept asking about a situation with someone else, and only had 6 minutes to use, she answered only one question while taking the rest of the time to give suggestions like going to therapy. I don’t need a therapist in a reading. I am spending the money to receive answers from a reader.

Phone Reading - 6/26/2022

Legacy is amazing! Coolest chick ever to speak with. She has the funniest, most interesting metaphors and songs to reference and depict certain parts of the reading. They come to her so quickly too, and are always exactly how I would describe it myself! She feels like a fun friend to talk with too. She’s just real. Somehow she finds a way to avoid sugarcoating or dancing around the truth, but still make you feel empowered and comforted at the same time. My favorite reader I’ve ever spoken with in my life, hands down.

Phone Reading - 6/13/2022

Mattie was very honest with me about things that were hard for me to hear, but in such a loving and compassionate way. She provides the comfort needed, along with the truth. And I appreciate that she does not sugarcoat or tell only what I want to hear :) highly suggest Mattie as a reader! She’s the best.

Phone Reading - 6/9/2022

Mattie is my favorite reader I’ve ever spoken with! I’ve had many readings within the last 10 years, and Mattie is by far the most caring, considerate, genuine soul I have head the pleasure of receiving a reading from. She is sure to deliver honest and clear insight and as an intuitive myself, I can surely say that her intuition is always spot on, as it always validates my own and any prior knowledge of the person or situation I am inquiring about. She gives reasonable timelines and predictions, that also feel congruent with my intuitive insight, as nothing can be predicted to a T. I respect her for her style of reading and I feel that she is sure to give comfort as she delivers any delicate information. Love this lady!