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Phone Reading - 8/16/2022

Thank you Dominique! You give me peace of mind! You are my to go person!

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Phone Reading - 4/24/2022

Dominique my girl!! Sometimes we just need that 5 min chit chat for clarification, confirmation and reassurance! Thank you for being a friend! :)

Phone Reading - 4/7/2022

Thank you my dear friend, you always comfort me and gives me hope. Leo season will be the season! Thank you!

Phone Reading - 4/3/2022

Dominique is not only my counselor but my best friend!! I appreciate you very much!

Phone Reading - 3/10/2022

Thank you Raina!!

Phone Reading - 3/9/2022

Thank you my friend!

Phone Reading - 3/3/2022

This review is from back in October 2021. She stated contact via social media before attending to call. Yes, received IG friend request. She mentioned lots of work, she was right. Second call, saw March better energies coming his way, correct again, now he is ready and hopefully I’ll see him again. Once again sees us together as a family! If you guys want to know the truth, Raina is the person to call. She is very good with time frames! One of my favorites!

Phone Reading - 2/25/2022

Dominique is more than an advisor, she is my friend! She remembers us! It’s crazy! She amazes me. This review is from 12/2021 still same outcome and time frame. I do call her for follow up or when I need some type of guidance, she never fails me! Thank you Dominique!

Phone Reading - 2/3/2022

Oh my dear Tony, where do I start? Maybe by saying thank you! You made my day, my night my weekend!!! Yes! I’m glad the week is almost over, it was stressful and tiresome at work, but talking to you give me hope for better opportunities coming my way, but the happiest of all is that you mention my grandmother! You never mentioned her before in previous calls, yes, I always talk to her and my grandfather, I pray to them for guidance and you saying she is helping me just bring so much happiness because it gives me confirmation that they are in fact with me like you said they have my back!! Thank you Tony, you are simply the best!

Phone Reading - 12/28/2021

Today I call Tony for a general reading for 2022 and he left me speechless with his reading! I just ask what to expect on 2022 and he took off from there and started describing situations, people, feelings! It was like I was in a movie! So many details without me giving him a hint. All I can say is thank you Tony! Happy holidays and a Happy and prosperous new year!!