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Phone Reading - 11/27/2022

I ended up passing 1/3 exams. I still appreciate you though. I understand nothing is ever 100%.

Phone Reading - 11/20/2022

He told me that today id talk to the POI. I actually saw him. No talking but it may spark something you never know.

Phone Reading - 11/19/2022

I feel like we’ve been talking for years about the same things. I’m starting to lose hope. I wish someone could’ve told me 4 years ago that I’d still be conversing about the 1 issue in my life.

Phone Reading - 7/12/2022

I truly owe her this rating. She’s an authentic reader. I asked her 1 question and she went from there.

Phone Reading - 6/26/2022

I can’t thank Jimi enough. He’s been right time after time lately. Sometimes I let him talk and later I think about the things he’s said as they are unfolding. Two big predictions are what we’re waiting for. All of the small things have happened already.

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Phone Reading - 6/20/2022

I was missing an item. She told me to look in the back room on a couch or sleeper. That the item was not lost, just hidden& covered up. Sure enough, once I changed my comforter it flew out.

Phone Reading - 5/19/2022

I like her sweet voice however predictions are sort of hit or miss

Phone Reading - 4/26/2022

Let the reading a little confused

Phone Reading - 4/17/2022

I spoke with him last night he gave me advice and today it backfired. I wish I didn’t listen now my life is in shambles.

Phone Reading - 4/12/2022

She’s been telling me for months that a certain thing would happen. As soon as it’s time for it to happen I give her background information on why it’s impossible & all of a sudden it’s no longer happening. I sure wish I’d known this hundreds of dollars ago.