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Phone Reading - 5/3/2022

Daphne was right on target when I called her quick the first time and I called her a second time and it was also great unlike other psychics she answered all my questions quickly without making me waste my minutes...I really recommend her

Phone Reading - 3/18/2022

First time I called she was right on target I was limited to funds so I couldnt ask all my questions so a few days later I added money to my account to ask her my final question and she struggled a lot and wouldn't give me straight answer and I was upset she made me waste my funds but when you catch her on a good day she can he good

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Phone Reading - 6/13/2021

I had another reading with Legacy on June Sunday the 13th (my previous one was cut off short due to work) and she was able to pick up right back where we left off and gave all the answers I needed. I will be definitely calling her back again.....good job Legacy.