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Phone Reading - 12/12/2021

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The reason I like Bianca because things she has told me in the past has happened. I kind of knew the were going that way, just didn't want to believe it. I came to her again and once again nailed the situation. So she gives detailed information about the negatives that you should correct also. When I say she is brutally honest but not meaning to be rude. Just be ready to let it sink in. I like her. I have to be tough when receiving information from her but if the truth sets me free, she and I souls connect for my purpose. With her I don't waste time or money and I don't play with my life. I'm like, daaaangitttt when I hear what I don't expect lol. I will always go back!

Phone Reading - 9/5/2022


Amazing reader always accurate I'm adding her my favorite list

Phone Reading - 9/4/2022


Great reading and accurate

Phone Reading - 8/29/2022


Ms Bianca is an amazing reader. She definitely knows what she’s talking about. She knew what was going on without me mentioning it. And the visions she saw were things I’ve been thinking about doing for my business idea. She’s great, give her a call. Very accurate, I’m coming back!

Phone Reading - 8/28/2022


She is a great reader and has been so accurate. I will call her again.

Phone Reading - 8/25/2022


She is an amazing reader.

Phone Reading - 7/16/2022


Bianca is that give it to me straight type of girl. She was precise and straight forward. She was head on with things that I didn’t mention to her. She clarified information with me that was true. I was an awe with her. I was feeling down and confused before talking to her. After our conversation I was ready to kick ass. She will give you that fire! She gave me the strength that I needed to carry on and not to worry. You’ll definitely be hearing from me Bianca! Much love.

Chat Reading - 6/20/2022


Thank you so much! I will follow your advices, I really enjoyed our reading!

Phone Reading - 5/28/2022


Right on it, all was true A GREAT READER

Phone Reading - 5/2/2022


This was a very good reading.