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Phone Reading - 12/12/2021

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The reason I like Bianca because things she has told me in the past has happened. I kind of knew the were going that way, just didn't want to believe it. I came to her again and once again nailed the situation. So she gives detailed information about the negatives that you should correct also. When I say she is brutally honest but not meaning to be rude. Just be ready to let it sink in. I like her. I have to be tough when receiving information from her but if the truth sets me free, she and I souls connect for my purpose. With her I don't waste time or money and I don't play with my life. I'm like, daaaangitttt when I hear what I don't expect lol. I will always go back!

Phone Reading - 5/21/2023


I appreciate Bianca’s honesty and accuracy. She called me out about my issues during my first reading with her especially how I was affecting my relationship and making my partner feel. I whipped myself into shape in a few months and all of my relationships improved dramatically. She has not been wrong about current energies and energies coming my way!

Phone Reading - 5/3/2023


Bianca is wonderful and very honest! She was able to connect to my energy and POI energy right away and confirmed what is really happening. Im going to be patient like Bianca suggested since she confirmed he's a good guy.

Chat Reading - 4/30/2023


Thank you for the reading. Makes sense to me

Chat Reading - 4/29/2023


It was a good live chat reading.

Lunar Vibrations
Phone Reading - 4/23/2023


Not sure we connected, but I’ll wait and see.

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Phone Reading - 4/23/2023


Thanks for the reading. But everything was SO wrong after verifying it myself...

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Phone Reading - 3/18/2023


She was honest and transparent about everything.

Chat Reading - 3/8/2023


fast and to the point! thank you!

Chat Reading - 3/7/2023


Always direct and tells the truth in a fast pace. My go-to always! God bless u Bianca!