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Phone Reading - 6/5/2021

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Maeve your accuracy on predictions is unmatched!! Things that she told me have already happened!! I know it’s only the beginning of June but she told me first few days in June & it’s already happened ... I’ve been speaking with her for about a month & she leaves me speechless every time !! She has such a special gift ..

Phone Reading - 10/2/2022



Phone Reading - 9/25/2022


I want to thank you you have made it so clear to me of what to do and make this move. I thank you so much for the clarity and and gave me a time Frame on when my person will reach out to me I will most certainly let you know if that happens Thank you soooo much made my day/night

Chat Reading - 9/18/2022


kind and a good listener, good advice

Phone Reading - 5/27/2022


Maeve your accuracy is astonishing!! I spoke to you about a month ago and you told me I would find a place on the water at the last second and you are right AGAIN. You described every detail exactly how it’s all unfolding. Thank you for your unbelievable gifts and I especially thank you for the connection we have. I’m very blessed to have found you.

Phone Reading - 5/19/2022


I like her sweet voice however predictions are sort of hit or miss

Phone Reading - 4/12/2022


She’s been telling me for months that a certain thing would happen. As soon as it’s time for it to happen I give her background information on why it’s impossible & all of a sudden it’s no longer happening. I sure wish I’d known this hundreds of dollars ago.

Phone Reading - 4/8/2022


Thank you for your insight! It was truly helpful. I will call back.

Chat Reading - 3/29/2022


Feels well synched with information that are not generic and I haven’t told her, promising accuracy. I can confirm her accuracy until now and I hope I can be consistent as she is too. They go together. Thank you!

Phone Reading - 3/20/2022


She hung up on me because she told me a name then described a totally different person. She saw a blue dress, the dress was black but that’s similar no biggie, she saw a short hair cut but the hair was long & braided. I really like maeve I wish she could’ve told me she wasn’t connecting.