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Chat Reading - 1/2/2022

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My first reading with Mayhayley and I was amazed! She pointed out many things even before I gave her all the information! I love her energy and felt very strong compassion even just thru texting, too bad I ran out of fund but I will definitely come back again! She is real deal

Phone Reading - 3/18/2023


Such sweet, encouraging voice, always gives you good advice

Phone Reading - 3/16/2023


My goodness! I spoke with Mayhayley and she is warm and personable and I absolutely love her. She's a sweet gentle soul. I wished I would have spoken to her first for my introduction deal. She picked up on my poi immediately and she just knew everything hands down. She is the real deal and I look forward to speaking with her again.

Phone Reading - 3/12/2023


When I created this account I was searching for someone who was empathetic, non judgmental, kind, but most of all accurate. We connected instantly. Mayhayley had told me thinhs that only I could have known. And that's when I doubted her no more. She has told me certain thing we're going to happen in the future and at the time, I would think.. but how? No way.. and sure enough she was right. I was under a ton of stress and didn't know what my next move should have been. She was always ginuenly concerned for me. And never made me feel anyway but hopeful and prepared. Having her insight and perspective has helped me tremendously.

Phone Reading - 2/22/2023


As usual, so dead on, nurturing, and helpful. Such support!

Phone Reading - 2/19/2023


Love Mayhayley and her soothing voice, she put my mind at ease gave me clarity & honest direct messages from Spirit she confirmed my feelings she is very tapped in and super gifted. She was quick with her answers didn’t use any tools that’s when you know you’re dealing with a true psychic medium who is the real deal. I can’t wait to update you dear with all the good. Thank you again! :-)

Phone Reading - 2/18/2023


It was like talking to a good friend. She was right on the mark with certain things that nobody else could know. Will definitely be calling back!

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Phone Reading - 2/10/2023


What she was saying wasn’t making sense. She was picking up on a past relationship not the current one. She was nice but we just weren’t connecting

Phone Reading - 2/6/2023


Mayhayley is very sweet and soothing reader. She was very positive about what I asked her about. I hope what she said comes to pass. I have a hunch it will because she seems very sincere and genuine! Thank you Mayhayley

Phone Reading - 2/1/2023


Great listener. So wise and encouraging. What a treasure.