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Chat Reading - 1/2/2022

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My first reading with Mayhayley and I was amazed! She pointed out many things even before I gave her all the information! I love her energy and felt very strong compassion even just thru texting, too bad I ran out of fund but I will definitely come back again! She is real deal

Chat Reading - 5/18/2022


I love her! She is excellent, spot on, caring, detailed. So grateful!

Chat Reading - 4/23/2022


Speechless. And what a wonderful lady. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.

Cherry Blossom
Phone Reading - 4/8/2022


Wow! I’m kind of speechless. Mayhayley was able to tune immediately and even named the exact location of my POI without me saying it. I also love that she’s compassionate and non judgmental at the same time. I can’t wait to see if what she mentioned will come true!

Chat Reading - 4/6/2022


She is just incredible as a human being and her gifts are astounding

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Phone Reading - 4/5/2022


Mayhayley always comes thru with great information.

Chat Reading - 4/5/2022


Always tuned in and spot on/accurate; she’s highly recommended based on my several connections with her. She never made me doubt, although I’m not easily convinced. Thank you for sharing with me your amazing energy and time!

Chat Reading - 3/27/2022


I confirm she’s super accurate again and again in her warm and expressive way. Thank you so much for your clarity, the alerts and the positive energy. Deeply appreciated!

Phone Reading - 3/19/2022


I just love her she my favorite Hands down so correct on everything I asked

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Chat Reading - 3/15/2022


She can sense the good news but also the negatives and the risks, and this way help you avoid mistakes. Most times our connections were about optimistic things for future. This time she alerted me the right time. So unbelievably good and proving how accurate and spot on she is, how well she can connect and she clearly things in their intensities. Thank you for everything!