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Phone Reading - 5/1/2021

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Sofia has been absolutely amazing, supportive and compassionate though still direct and honest. The details she tuned in to which I didn't mention were incredibly specific and exact. Sofia is certainly the real deal, I would highly recommend connecting with her. Thank you so much Sofia for your encouragement, insight and guidance during such a difficult time in my life. I'm far better off having connected with you, thank you. I'm looking forward to reconnecting!

Chat Reading - 11/19/2021


Very best of anyone I've ever chatted with. I had an appointment for a general reading and she tuned into alot and gave me some to look forward to because for so long I've been struggling with things and I'm hoping and I know things are going to look better soon. And I am most definitely going to recommend this lady to everyone. She's got it. Thank you so much Sophia. I'll come back soon.

Phone Reading - 10/29/2021


Right on point! Put my mind at ease! Thank You!!

Phone Reading - 10/15/2021


My constant go to for questions and answers with work and love life! Mrs. Sofia has been my favorite for years!

Phone Reading - 9/12/2021


Amazing accuracy. She knew how I felt and was in point with the lady I love.

Phone Reading - 9/11/2021


Sophia helped me alot ! I’m sorry the phone ran out! I’m so motivated through this conversation. Sophia voice was calming and I believed what she was saying. She’s definitely someone I’ll talk to again.

Phone Reading - 8/26/2021


Sofia is my go-to. She connects with me so well, is very genuine and sincere and a real pleasure to talk with. Please give her a try!

Phone Reading - 8/19/2021


Thanks Sofia for being so firm with your reading, now I feel more at ease. Also, thanks for giving me good & bad info about my POI, I needed this confirmation badly. Now just waiting for your words to come through. Sorry that my time ran out, but will re-connect with you again soon :)

Phone Reading - 8/14/2021


Outstanding from all aspects and a beautiful soul. Read all very very well. Thank you Sophia you are awesome.

Phone Reading - 6/18/2021


I have been speaking with Sofia for years. She has been consistently spot-on.