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Phone Reading - 4/15/2021

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Super sweet and gave the best advice! Very supportive and will most definitely reconnect again Thank you Taja!

Phone Reading - 4/9/2021


Very concise reading with much clarity needed by me! I would recommend Taja to anyone who is interested in a complete reading!

Phone Reading - 4/6/2021


She was good. I looked at her other reviews prior to calling. I felt she talked a lot. Seemed like she was genuinely interested in connecting. I’m not sure if what she said will actually pan out for me, but I hope it does! She seems pretty legitimate. Would recommend if you’re going through something rough. She is very positive. But, she’s honest.

Phone Reading - 4/1/2021


Taja is an amazing psychic! She is very honest and direct. She gave me guidance and now I have clarity. Thank you Taja!

Phone Reading - 4/1/2021


She was so kind and easy to talk to. Made me feel a lot better about my future. I’ll definitely be following up with her in the future.

Phone Reading - 3/27/2021


Accurate & lined up with what other advisers are saying.

Phone Reading - 3/20/2021


I had the best reading! She is so fun and easy to talk to! She gave me a lot to think about, and reminded me of who I am. She is amazing!!!

Phone Reading - 3/2/2021


She was good. Said exactly what other's said.

Phone Reading - 2/20/2021


Absolutely loved the reading. Very insightful and easy to talk to. Would’ve liked to talk to her longer but my time ran out.

Phone Reading - 2/18/2021


I think Taja did an excellent job. I have 5 stars because I'm a clairvoyant who's worked on a network and it's not about predicting your future. It's about making life decisions and getting insight on what could potentially happen given the direction you decide to take. I wasn't keen on giving my questions to get answers, that was the only thing I wasn't thrilled about. But, once I gave the scenario, the life path decisions Taja extended to me, really clicked and made some awesome sense to me moving forward. My mind has been a mess and I needed that extra push. So, if you don't mind offering the circumstance, and need that extra push of pathway advice, I highly recommend this woman. I'll definitely be calling her in the months to come with an update and to see where things go from there. Thank you for all your help and, at the end of the day, I'm glad I chose you Taja Love and light!