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Phone Reading - 5/3/2021

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Thank you so much for your reading .

Phone Reading - 7/25/2021


Taja was very nice and had a lot of interesting things to say. She was very kind and caring in her reading and I will reach back out to her again. Thank you for calming me.

Phone Reading - 7/25/2021


Best reading I have ever had! Right on target, empathetic, honest and comforting! Will surely use again!

Phone Reading - 7/18/2021


I had a great reading with her. She pointed out some of my characteristics within second of talking to her. She has confirmed when I was picking up (I’m slightly empathic). She gave me great advice. She understood my stance as well as my short comings with regards to my situation.

Phone Reading - 7/6/2021


Taja was wonderful! I even added more money to talk to her longer, but someone else got to her before I could. She was warm, encouraging, direct, and friendly. She gave specific information, and picked up on things I hadn't mentioned. She gave me a lot to think about, and I hope I'm able to connect with her again in the future.

Phone Reading - 6/26/2021


Been awhile since I talked to Tara but she remembered and my issue!!!! Perfect as before. Good info and mede me feel better. Just waiting period but helps talking to her. Thank you!!!

Phone Reading - 6/22/2021


This was my first time reading with Taja, and she was right on point. When I connected with her at the start, she picked up very quickly. It's nice to speak to an Advisor and not have to divulge to much about yourself. I wanted an authentic reading and she was able to give me that. She asks for specific questions and a name if you haveca person in mind. Based on that, she gave me what I knew to be facts.

Phone Reading - 6/22/2021


Great Reading, nice person, definitely give her a call! She gave me so much clarity and she is very detailed! I greatly enjoyed my reading! She read into everything accurately! Absolutely Give her a call!

Phone Reading - 6/20/2021


Thank u Taja u are right on point now i know how much this woman loves me and is in love with me..i am showing her my love as giving her the security that she needs with me,now i understand that she is very serious about us ..thank you for giving me my security..yes this a BLESSING, our love and security is there for eternity..i will do as u said to let her know all the love i have for her also. thank you again for not telling me what i want to hear you told me the absolute truth...i am one happy man..thank you so much

Phone Reading - 6/16/2021


Thank you for your time and honesty. I now know what I have to do to stay in my power in my situation with POI. I will be back with any updates,