Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Psychic Chat Readings

Take the path of positive change. Get empowering life advice from a live chat Psychic. Keep a free transcript of your reading and never lose sight of your next steps.

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Don’t Sleep on Your Dreams

“Follow your dreams” - so much easier said than done. But what’s holding you back? Chat with a Psychic online about it. Bad habits like self-doubt, undefined goals, and inaction prevent us from moving forward and deserve to be kicked to the curb – stat! But how? An insightful online psychic reading chat can reshape your perspective and help you regain control of your life.

Live Psychic Chat Anytime, Anywhere

Shhh, can you keep a secret? You can do it anywhere. In-between meetings, on the couch, in the car, you name it! No one has to know except you and your live chat Psychic. With discreet online chat psychic readings, you'll never be overhead so you can build your life-changing strategy in complete privacy. Psychic chat readings are just like texting! With our secure mobile-friendly chat platform, you can exchange messages with your Psychic in real-time from your phone (or desktop). And best of all, we'll give you a transcript of your psychic online chat reading so you'll never lose sight of your next steps.

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An accurate psychic reading online can help you fill in the missing pieces. From love, to work, to family matters, our genuine Psychics can dive deeper into your questions, and shine light on how you can achieve your goals. Ready to get started?

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We charge $5 per minute to talk to a Psychic online. Sign in to your PathForward account and pay a visit to your account balance to make sure you have enough funds available to begin your psychic chat online. If you’re in the middle of an insightful reading and your balance is running low, we’ll give you a choice to stay connected and add more time with our convenient Fast Path feature.

Get Connected

Ready to connect? Click the Chat Now button. Our chat platform window will launch showing your selected Psychic and how many minutes you have available for your chat reading. Everything looking good? Confirm your selection and get ready to receive a life-changing perspective. Important: Turn off “pop-up” blockers in your browser settings and make sure to update your browser with the latest version. We suggest using Google Chrome or Firefox for the best psychic online chat reading experience.

Explore and Prep for Your Online Chat

Get the most accurate psychic reading by exploring our Psychics’ specialties, tools, and gifts. Need an objective opinion on steps you can take to improve your finances? Get expertise from a career and money Psychic. Are you interested in connecting with your ancestral roots? Our gifted Mediums online chat too! No matter your life’s questions, we have the right Psychics available to move your PathForward. Tip: We suggest you jot down a few open-ended questions you’d like your Psychic to focus on.

Get Your Transcript

Ready to conquer your world? Never lose sight of your Psychic’s answers and advice. Once your live chat psychic reading is over, we’ll have your chat transcript ready for you. You can print or get your transcript delivered right to your inbox. BONUS: Your transcript will auto save in your Account History for 90 days.

Discover Your Next Psychic Chat Reading

Make a new connection and set your path in motion. Try a clairvoyant chat reading and get insight into future outcomes like upcoming events, promotions, and new relationships. Chat with an online Psychic about love and get advice on how you can overcome self-sabotaging habits. Learn how you can find more spiritual and emotional harmony with an online chat tarot reading. Want to know more about your zodiac sign? Chat with a Psychic online about astrology.

Your next steps forward are just a reading away:

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Available Chat Psychics

Psychic Skye x4085

Skye x4085


$5.00 $1.00/min
Connect until 9:00 am EST
Psychic Daniel x4181

Daniel x4181


$5.00 $1.00/min
Connect until 11:30 am EST
Psychic Jax x4191

Jax x4191


$5.00 $1.00/min
Connect until 12:00 pm EST

To experience the most accurate astrology reading, your Psychic will need a little info to calculate your birth chart - DOB, time, and location of birth.