Quick Facts about Zodiac Sign Aries, the Ram, Mar 20 to Apr 20
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All About Aries, The Born Leader

March 28, 2022 by PathForward
All aboard, you riotous Rams! We're doin' Aries stuff...
All aboard, you riotous Rams! We're doin' Aries stuff...

Quick Facts about Aries, the Ram, March 20 – April 20

  • Lucky Day: Ruled by Mars, Tuesday is a lucky day for Aries. Tuesdays are perfect for new projects and ideas.
  • Lucky Number: 9, and all numbers divisible by 9 are the lucky numbers for Aries.
  • Best Birthstone: Diamond. No surprise here! Diamonds attract love, financial success, and luck for new ventures making this stone perfect for Aries.
  • Best Places to Travel: Just like its elemental twin Sagittarius, Aries loves to travel. However, Aries is looking for more of a relaxing vacation vs. adventurous. Florence and Naples are top on the list.
  • Color: Red, of course! They represent fire and excitement.


Aries Personality Traits

Adventurous Aries, the fiery ram, the first sign of the zodiac and spring season. Aries are known for their “me first” personality and are natural-born leaders whose self-confidence is undeniable. They love to help others and can often be viewed as an open-hearted friend, but don’t expect too much small talk with an Aries as they are go-getters. They love talking about goals and will push you towards your own. Aries are gamblers at heart and love the thrill of chasing something new.

The optimism of this sign seems to attract others, which is perfect because this courageous leader loves to take charge. Aries answer to no one and value their independence above anything; an attribute some may view as exciting and daring, while others may envy the aggressive and strong personality of the take-charge ram. Aries are sincere people who grab difficulties by the horn and seem to solve every problem.


Aries Personality Pitfalls

With all these wonderful traits Aries possess, let’s not forget they are ruled by Mars: the god of war, aggression, and conflict. Although very optimistic, this ram is known for its quick temper and sharp tongue. This often intimidates others, especially in an office setting. Also, many do like how bossy Aries can be - the fear of being shut down quickly keeps others from speaking up.

Make no mistake, as confident as Aries are, they do have their share of shorts comings. Aries pursue their dreams with hot fiery energy that, in many cases, will burn out as quickly as it started. As such, Aries has a reputation for not finishing what they start. Being impatient and splitting their energy into multiple projects is the culprit. If results-driven Aries doesn’t succeed right away, they lose interest and move on to the next best exciting thing.

Aries signs often suffer from self-doubt, wondering how they will handle all that they have taken on. The great thing about this sign is that they don’t remain in this energy too long. Before you know it, they are right back to business. This should come as no surprise with Aries being represented by the Emperor in the tarot. The Emperor’s strength is being a strong leader who has full control over his kingdom. He is powerful, great in business matters, and a wonderful father figure. As a partner, the Emperor usually is monogamous and in it for the long haul. Does he worry? Absolutely! But he will never let you see him sweat - the same could be said for this idealist ram.


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