Bruce Springsteen Exhibits Prime Characteristics of a Strong Libra

Bruce Springsteen Exhibits Prime Characteristics of a Strong Libra

September 24, 2015
Bruce Springsteen exhibits prime characteristics of a strong Libra
The sun sign, Libra, falls between September 23 and October 22. Those who are born within this time frame are not only considered to be some of the most balanced individuals out there, but advocates for peace and harmony.

One famous Libra that you may know of is Bruce Springsteen. This rock 'n roll icon, also known as "The Boss," is a prime example of the qualities that Libras possess. Individuals who were born under this sign are peaceful, diplomatic and creative in their thinking.

As seen in many of Springsteen's songs, the musician is a big advocate for equality and balance, which is a main characteristic of Libras. Those who have this sign are also independent and tend to go their own way. Although this can be a risky move, many Libras lead by example.

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