Fall Equinox 2022: Celebrations and Rituals for the Autumnal Equinox
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Fall Equinox 2022: Celebrations and Rituals for the Autumnal Equinox

September 21, 2022 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Celebrate the 2022 Fall Equinox!
Celebrate the 2022 Fall Equinox!

"To everything, there is a season." A season for action, a season for change. A season for reflection, a season for peace. The original went on with a bit more gravitas, but I think we can all agree that lightning and thunder aren't necessary to get the point across. There's that unspoken, universal rule. There is a time and a place for everything we do. Would we be a lot better off if we skipped the unspoken part? Sure! That way, we could all agree on the time and place for important things like ending world hunger. But despite all that, within the communities of metaphysical and spiritual arts, we talk about how the forces of the universe have an unspoken order. A cosmological dance that we all have been assigned a significant role in. Undeniably, the world around you does dance to your tune. And in this Fall Equinox 2022, you'll see that clear as the stars on a crisp autumn night. The forces you put into play in the previous year will return to you.

Fall Equinox Date and Alignment

When we look at the Autumnal Equinox from an astronomical perspective, we can see that this is a time of transition in the natural world around us. The fall equinox's date marks the transition of summer into autumn. Just as the days grow cooler and shorter, astrology also recognizes that our attitudes will grow cooler as well. The carefree abandon and devil-may-care approach we take on life can quickly be replaced with a more quiet or conserved perspective. The Autumnal Equinox this year especially will mark the vital forces in your life coming into harmony.

The official Fall Equinox date is the 22nd of September or the 23rd for those of you across the pond. With the Sun entering Libra, we'll be carrying aspects of our lives previously neglected back into balance. This will happen intuitively for most folks, but keep track of how things come to rest around you during this fall season. And if you've been living in challenging times with a lot of chaos at your doorstep, you can expect to see a significant opportunity for stability to cross your path. This will involve old troubles leaving your life, but know that what you put out is also what you may receive in the coming months. Avoid resisting the current correcting itself. Remember that you can guide the forces of life as they try to take certain unhealthy relationships out or bring you to a better career opportunity. But if you try to force it the way you want, you'll go off course. 

Fall Equinox Meaning

Going back to the Fall Equinox meaning, the Sun entering Libra means that an air sign will take center stage. We will all find our actions more intuitively guided by thought and logic than before. Impulses, emotions, and immediate satisfaction will become less important when making decisions. Long-term gain becomes the new name of the game when deciding how you want to live your life. But know that this goes both ways. While you're feeling more thoughtful and curious, perhaps borderline apprehensive at times, so are many other individuals. So if you think someone is more distant than usual, remember it could be one of two things. You could be overthinking it, or they could be overthinking it. Or both! 

Libra arriving during the Autumn Equinox also means that many of your crops will come to harvest. Previous actions will start to yield results in this coming season! These results can manifest in financial plans paying off, budding love interests, or a long-hoped-for move finally becoming viable. Know that your acts, both planned and unplanned, will be offering just rewards. This Fall Equinox meaning is seeing that your peace can come in many shapes, through many sources.

Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox with Fall Equinox Rituals

When we look back, few standing stones haven't been toppled by the river of time. One such pillar of our humanity is the celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. Whether the weight of belief coming together on this day or the alignment of the celestial bodies, the Fall Equinox meaning has always remained clear to us. We unite as a people, count the fruits of our labors with friends or family, and find gratitude in the simple pleasures everybody deserves. We've always given thanks, celebrated, and danced under the stars. And I believe that the reasoning for this can go well beyond the innate power of the heavens. It comes from the innate power of community. We celebrate the Fall Equinox rituals throughout history, throughout cultures, and faiths. Because we wish to show the world we survived one more year and will cheer our way through to another. Our efforts, your efforts, amount to more in this world amount to more than just a spark in the night. Your life is a roaring fire. Because you are here, you survived! So feast on the fruits of your life. And share them with those you love.

When you ponder on the Equinox, know its nature is simple. The spiritual power of the Autumnal Equinox has always been best described as a threshold, or a portal, into a time of subtle change in our lives. The Fall Equinox's meaning is to signify a point where you can gently influence the pathway you wish to wander in the coming year, while the past one brings you joys and revelations you can mull over like a bottle of spiced wine. This one, especially, will give many new ideas and decisions that will mark balance coming into your life. From work to relationships, housing, or finances, you should see all of them balancing out with this Libra influence. So lean into those changes, especially if they bring you closer to your passions or those you love. You need this energy now, more than ever. But while you are receiving all the energy from your past year, don't forget to embrace that pensive spirit. Send all your intentions into laying optimistic plans for the coming new year! This is where your rituals really can come in handy! 

When we're discussing a Fall Equinox ritual, there is one thing that comes straight to mind... A fire ritual, of course! And what's most important about a Fall Equinox fire ritual is your focus, whether manifesting, releasing, celebrating, or contemplating! Your approach can depend on the intention of the celebration and those attending it. For this particular Autumnal Equinox, we recommend you focus on releasing. Consider the fire as Summer's flame, which carries all your past year's energy. As its flames grow dim with the coming of Fall's wind, you want to envision releasing all the energy that does not serve you any longer. Feed the flames articles related to what you want to release. Bad energy of a no-good lover? Burn an item of theirs that you still have in your possession! Is old job stress still bogging you down? An old parking slip or anything that makes you think of that place is all you need to let the energy go. Just know that this ritual is best performed the night before the Autumnal Equinox or at midnight of the official Fall Equinox date.

Please remember that there is no wrong way to celebrate this magical time. I always tell those closest to me. Magic isn't about controlling the unseen forces at work around us. It's about learning how not to be controlled by those unseen forces so that we can live in harmony with them instead. So no matter what you are doing, don't allow yourself to be dragged along. Coming together in hope, that's how you know you're doing it right. And don't forget the most important thing. The Fall Equinox meaning is one of appreciation, revelry, consideration, and gratitude for all your hard work in the past year. Mulled with all your expectations and dreams for the coming one! Your perspective and thoughts will shape how much balance you receive from this mystical time.

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Keep an open mind, your thoughts light as a feather, and optimism to spare. To keep things positive, don't hesitate to clear any worries with your Psychic Advisor or a trusted confidant. What's more, surround yourself with the company of those whom you will revel in. Because you stand on that threshold for great change and great balance, and you deserve no less.


Psychic Flynn x4269
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