Fall Equinox 2023 Rituals: Channel the 2023 Autumnal Equinox for Healing and Growth
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Fall Equinox 2023 Rituals: Channel the 2023 Autumnal Equinox for Healing and Growth

September 04, 2023 by PathForward
As summer ends and fall begins, you can perform a fall equinox ritual to celebrate the changing of the seasons and reflect on your own growth.
As summer ends and fall begins, you can perform a fall equinox ritual to celebrate the changing of the seasons and reflect on your own growth.

The end of summer means cooler temperatures and changing colors as the energy shifts to allow for a balance of light and darkness. You can use this time to refocus your own energies and find balance as you head into the last few months of the year. Here are some ways you can mindfully welcome the changing of the seasons as you work toward spiritual healing and growth.

What Is the Autumn Equinox?

The autumn equinox is a moment in the calendar year when the sun crosses the celestial equator, resulting in an equal amount of day and night. In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumn equinox occurs in September and represents the beginning of fall, which continues until the winter solstice. Spiritually, it's a time to celebrate the balance of light and dark. You can use the autumnal equinox to express gratitude for your #blessings, reflect on your accomplishments, and refocus on your goals for the rest of the year.

When Is the Autumn Equinox in 2023?

The fall equinox in 2023 occurs on Sept. 22 or 23, depending on your time zone. The exact autumnal equinox minute is Saturday, Sept. 23, at 2:50 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Since the fall equinox occurs at the same moment around the world, the exact date and time vary based on your location. Here's the time and date of the autumnal equinox for time zones in the United States:

  • Central Standard Time: 1:50 a.m. on Sept. 23.
  • Mountain Daylight Time: 12:50 a.m. on Sept. 23.
  • Mountain Standard Time: 11:50 p.m. on Sept. 22.
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 11:50 p.m. on Sept. 22.

Spiritual Significance of the Autumnal Equinox

The autumnal equinox is a time to reap the harvest of your efforts over the previous nine months of the year. During the equinox, you can give thanks and acknowledge how far you've progressed toward your life goals. It's a time of gratitude and reflection as you pause to celebrate your achievements and set your intentions for the last months of the year.

Like other astrological occurrences, the fall equinox allows us to take a moment and recognize the natural life cycles that shape our lives. The fall season, known as a time of harvest and gratitude, is deeply connected to cycles of growth and change in our own lives. As the fall equinox occurs, you can use this energy to guide your life force into the end of the year.

5 Rituals for the Autumn Equinox

With the autumn equinox quickly approaching, take some time to plan how you can channel this energy of growth and change into your own life. Here are some fall equinox rituals and mindfulness practices you can use for your spiritual growth.

Meditate in Nature

Plan to spend some time before and after the equinox in thoughtful reflection and meditation. Sit outside in nature and allow your surroundings to guide your thoughts. Welcome the changing of the seasons by reflecting on your spirituality and considering the ways you can achieve a natural balance in the same way that light and darkness exist in equal measure.

Watch the Sunset

If the days of staying up until 3 a.m. are well behind you (hello, adulting!), then celebrate the equinox a little earlier by watching the sunset. Practice the same reflection as you witness the sun dip into the horizon, signaling the start of a new season. As night falls, remain in tune with your natural surroundings. Honor the darkness by acknowledging that without it, light cannot exist. Finish your reflection by journaling to process your experience fully.

Reflect on the Year

The changing of seasons is a natural occurrence with the passing of time. Use this moment to acknowledge your own growth over the past year. Think about the choices you've made to guide your life. Then ask how you can reconnect with yourself to finish the year in a healthy place, both physically and spiritually. Write down your intentions for this season so you can revisit them at the winter solstice.

Release the Past

On the fall equinox, release the moments in your past that weigh you down. You might write down those memories and burn them, or visit a beach and write them in the sand, letting the waves wash them away. Whatever you choose, the ritual of releasing the past can cleanse your spirit and allow you to refocus your energy on what serves you as you move toward the end of the year.

Host an Equinox Celebration

Invite your closest friends or family over for an equinox celebration. Prepare dishes with seasonal ingredients, like corn, pumpkins, apples, and mushrooms. Use fresh herbs and spices from the garden to season the food. At dusk, gather around an outdoor fire to recognize the end of summer and celebrate the beginning of a new season. Be in the moment as you inwardly express your gratitude for the love and friendships you have in your life.

What Are the Other Astronomical Seasons?

Besides the fall equinox, three other astronomical seasons occur throughout the year:

  • Winter solstice: The winter solstice occurs in December in the Northern Hemisphere, and it's the shortest day of the year. It represents a time of rebirth and renewal.
  • Spring equinox: Like the fall equinox, the spring equinox brings nearly equal amounts of daylight and darkness. It occurs in March and is associated with the start of new beginnings.
  • Summer solstice: The summer solstice in June marks the longest day of the year. It's a time to celebrate your inner light and manifest your goals into reality.

The fall equinox offers a time to recognize your efforts as you reap your own harvest. Find time to pause and celebrate your achievements while resetting your intentions for the rest of the year. With some inward reflection, you can finish 2023 strong, with spiritual healing and growth. Still not sure the best way to channel this energy? Reach out to a Psychic Advisor who can guide you through this season of reflection. At PathForward, we're committed to providing intuitive support and guidance so you can be your best, most authentic self.

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