From A to Zodiac: Cancer Season 2022
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From A to Zodiac: Cancer Season 2022

June 17, 2022 by Psychic Crystal x4289

In this informative astrological podcast, Psychic Crystal gives you a sneak peek about what to expect this Cancer season.




Hi this is Crystal at extension 4289. Welcome to “From A to Zodiac:  Astrology Sessions with Psychic Crystal”.

Summer is where the Cancer sign takes place. Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac and Cancerians  are born between June 21-July 21. Cancers are often associated with home, roots, and our emotional lives. Those born under this sign are often quite sensitive, able to perceive other people's feelings and moods.

 Here is what we all can expect for the next 30 days Cancer season. You might rediscover  love for creature comforts, sprucing up your home to make it more welcoming for guests (dinner party, anyone?) making your spaces cozier for you and anyone else you might share your space with. Cancer season turns our attention away from the buzz of the local scene and reminds us that home is indeed where the heart is."So, get comfy and cozy in your recently cleaned home and catch up on a good book.

Cancerians Happy Birthday! Here is your astrological forecast for the next 30days. Significant career improvements will be seen throughout the next 30days. Large financial gains and new career opportunities will make it a landmark  for you. Your recent success might lead to a lot of stress but doing regular physical exercise might do the trick. You will shed old relationships of the past and gain new friendships & love partners. This period will gain you clarity over life that you will carry for a long time. Overall, these 30days will be one of a lot of bonding and growth in relationships. Be open to see life from the perspective of others.

Tune in next time … “From A to Zodiac:  Astrology Sessions with Psychic Crystal

Psychic Crystal x4289

Psychic Crystal is a third-generation clairvoyant medium and intuitive psychic. In her decade-long professional career as a Psychic she has shared her gifts with clients around the globe. Psychic Crystal is also the voice of the PathForward podcast, “From A to Zodiac”.

 - Psychic Crystal x4289
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