From A to Zodiac: Sagittarius Season 2022
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From A to Zodiac: Sagittarius Season 2022

November 21, 2022 by Psychic Crystal x4289

In this informative astrological podcast, Psychic Crystal gives you a sneak peek about what to expect this Sagittarius season.




Hi this is Crystal at extension 4289. Welcome to “From A to Zodiac:  Astrology Sessions with Psychic Crystal”.

Calling all Sagittarius! Sagittarians, it’s your birthday season. Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac and Sagittarians are born typically from November 22nd to December 21st.  Sagittarians are big, bold, and adventurous. Full of fire Sagittarians are always the favs of many fire and mutable signs. With a hunger for education and knowledge this sign will travel the world in search of the truth and understanding. Sagittarians are very lucky and are one of the most positive signs of the zodiac. Sags have no filter and are challenging, hilarious, spontaneous, and honest. There is also a side of them that includes being blunt, self-indulgent, and egotistical. Of course, that doesn’t stop us all from adoring who you are. Happy Birthday to all of our fellow Sagittarians

What can we all expect this Sagittarius season? Fall is here and we can begin to act and receive all of the spiritual information that is coming to us at this time. Are you being nudged to start a wellness or spiritual routine? Sagittarius season is the time to do just that. As a collective we are being asked to complete and revisit business and love interested with boldness. This time will be very lucrative to invest money as well as receive unexpected gifts from unknown places. We will experience healing if we are open to communication with others from the past. This time is not a time to react but to listen and apply new information. Love is taking a deeper root for many this Sagittarius season. As a reminder to receive love we must make ourselves venerable. Take a chance on the one who has your eyes and heart!

Sagittarians 2022 has much in store for you all! Your season will be presenting you all with new opportunities. Many of you have been feeling lost and confused about what comes next. Well, it has arrived! Everything will be new! New friendships, new additions to families, new jobs, and newfound love. If a travel opportunity opens for you take it! You are gaining new perspectives in this season and experiences of life with greater fullness. Feng shui will be a great way to dig deeper into making your living spaces brand new as well. Rearrange rooms and furniture. This will allow you to step completely into the “newness” that is all around you. Sagittarians, there is a very big spotlight being shined on relationships for you all. Many of you will be getting engaged and starting new romantic relationship. Lean into the love that you long for. You deserve it! Happy Birthday to all of our fellow Sagittarians.

Tune in next time … “From A to Zodiac:  Astrology Sessions with Psychic Crystal

Psychic Crystal x4289

Psychic Crystal is a third-generation clairvoyant medium and intuitive psychic. In her decade-long professional career as a Psychic she has shared her gifts with clients around the globe. Psychic Crystal is also the voice of the PathForward podcast, “From A to Zodiac”.

 - Psychic Crystal x4289

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