Full Moon Dos and Don'ts: Full Moon Rituals for the Fall Full Moon
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Full Moon Dos and Don'ts: Full Moon Rituals for the Fall Full Moon

October 04, 2023 by Pathforward
Meditation can be a great way to channel the energy of the fall full moon.
Meditation can be a great way to channel the energy of the fall full moon.

Ah, fall. It's the time of year when you switch out your iced cold brew for a hot latte and bring back the sweaters you've stored away. It's also a great time to reflect on your journey and set your intentions for the remaining months of the year.

When you want to harness the energy of the universe, look no further than the full moon. During the fall months, the full moon represents the culmination of the harvest and the preparation for the darker months ahead. Using the energy of the full moon, you can partake in some rituals to find balance and release what's no longer serving you. For more ways to harness the full moon's energy, speak with a Psychic Advisor who can provide additional guidance during the fall season.

When Are the Fall Full Moons in 2023?

Throughout the year, the monthly full moons have different energies aligned with their seasons. In the fall, the full moons signal a transition from the long days of summer to the darker half of the year. Here are the dates of the fall full moons in 2023:

  • Sept. 29, 2023: The Harvest Moon.
  • Oct. 28, 2023: The Hunter's Moon.
  • Nov. 27, 2023: The Beaver Moon.

Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon

For centuries, humans have used the full moon to track the seasons. Two weeks after the moon's dark phase, it gains light until it becomes full when the sun and moon are directly opposite in the sky. The full moon each month signals a culmination period before the lunar cycle begins anew.

The practice of full moon rituals dates back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, and China. As the final phase in the moon's orbit, the full moon represents a time to reflect on your intentions. The full moon's energy can also allow you to let go of anything that doesn't serve you. It's a time to speak out and step into your power. In other words — You do you, girl.

The fall full moons, which appear more present in the sky as the nights get longer, represent a time of internal reflection as you say goodbye to summer and look toward the year's final months. During these moons, focus on grounding yourself in nature. Like the farmers in the fall months, it's time to harvest your energies so you can manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

Fall Full Moon Rituals

Are you ready to harness the energy of the full moon? Here are some rituals to try for the October 2023 full moon and the other fall moons this year:


Listen, it's hard to clear your mind when worrying about the 1,237,384 things on your to-do list. But meditation can be a powerful practice, especially during the full moon. Find a quiet place outside where you can see the full moon. Then close your eyes and imagine the moonbeams filling your body. As you do so, focus on the intentions you've set for yourself. Repeat them to yourself as you align your energy with the full moon. Practice this meditation for however long you like, even if only for a few minutes.

Release the Negative

The fall full moons provide opportunities to let go of whatever weighs you down, whether it's negative self-talk or a toxic relationship. When the full moon hits, write down whatever you're ready to release. Then (safely!) burn the paper as a physical symbol of release. You can also speak your intentions out loud under the light of the full moon. Find a mantra you can use, such as, "I am releasing you from my life because you no longer serve me."

Dance Out the Tension

If you've felt tense or stressed lately, dance it out on the full moon. Throughout history, different cultures have held dances on the full moon. Dancing connects you to your body and allows you to release the negative energy you might be holding within yourself. It can also be a celebration of feminine energy, so ask your girlfriends to come to dance with you. You can even make a full moon-inspired playlist with songs connected to the lunar cycle. Can you say, "Shake It Off"?

Cleanse Yourself

Practice some self-care and cleanse yourself on the full moon. Fill up the tub, light your favorite candles, and relax as you allow the full moon to restore your energy. As you cleanse, focus on washing away whatever you want to release. You'll emerge feeling clean and fresh, ready to put your intentions into practice with the start of the new moon. If you're near a secluded body of water, like a lake or pool, you can even cleanse yourself outdoors under the moonlight.

What To Avoid on a Full Moon

You might've heard that the full moon can cause people to act strangely. It's true that during this time, your emotions can be high due to the moon's intense energy. The full moon represents the culmination of the lunar cycle, so it's best to focus this energy on your intentions rather than starting a new project or endeavor. Also, don't make sudden or impromptu decisions during the full moon.

Heightened emotions can cause people to behave differently during the full moon, so it's also a good idea to hold off on serious discussions. Things can escalate quickly during this time, so wait until this energy wanes before you bring up an issue.

Harness the Energy of the Full Moon

Whether you practice meditation or host a dance party, there are many ways you can use the energy of the fall full moons to set your intentions. As we head toward the end of the year, schedule a reading with an intuitive Psychic who can guide you on ways to use the fall full moons to reap your harvest and go confidently into the end of the year. Our PathForward Psychics offer personalized, trusted support during all of life's seasons. Full moon or not, we're here to help you take control, find your purpose, and live your life authentically.

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