Grace Kelly Exhibited Key Characteristics of Passionate Scorpios

Grace Kelly Exhibited Key Characteristics of Passionate Scorpios

October 23, 2015
Grace Kelly exhibited key characteristics of passionate Scorpios
Scorpio, which is the zodiac sign that applies to those born between October 22 and November 21, is one of the most interesting in the chart. These individuals are not only known to have magnetic personalities, but they are often some of the most secretive people you know.

While the Huffington Post says that Scorpios are generally easy to get along with, they are extremely passionate and emotional about what they do. This can quickly create tension, much of which the Scorpios will often take upon themselves.

One of the most famous Scorpios to debut on the silver screen is Grace Kelly. Born on November 12, Kelly was a renowned actress in her day, popular for starring in a number of movies and television shows. Throughout her life, Kelly exhibited the characteristics of a true Scorpio. The starlet was greatly invested in her work and brought her passion to the limelight.

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