How Air and Earth Signs Dream

How Air and Earth Signs Dream

November 29, 2021 by Psychic Halo x4168
Discover how Earth Signs and Air Signs Experience the Sleeping World
Discover how Earth Signs and Air Signs Experience the Sleeping World

Throughout human history, people have tried to discern what dreams are. Psychological theorist, Carl Jung, was fascinated by the world of the unconscious. Many scholars and scribes claimed to have a fitting definition for dreaming. Some said that dreams represent unconscious desires; the things that we can't act out in reality. At the same time, others claim that dreams were merely vessels of wish fulfillment or the brain processing all of the thoughts and events that occurred during the day. I believe they are messages from the Divine (astrology is part of divinity) and the mind-brain connection processing our lives. Whatever your definition of dreams might be, we can all agree on one thing - dreams are truly fascinating and color our lives.

Let's dive into the Zodiac's world of dreams!


Taurus and Dreams

Taurus signs are an earth sign, ruled by the beautiful and charming planet - Venus. Astrologers often recommend that Taurus signs pay attention to nature-related symbols in their dreams. For example, some might often dream of forests, particular trees, plants, and flowers. On the more morbid side, Taurus also tends to dream about certain body parts, as well as rebirth. Getting through a difficult situation, such as winning a battle or overcoming an opponent, are themes that are no stranger to Taurus’s.


Gemini and Dreams

Gemini is an air sign ruled by the communicator of planets - Mercury. In life, they are lively and hard to keep in one place. However, in their dream world, they tend to visit the same places often. It's not rare for Gemini signs (or people with many Mercury-ruled placements) to dream about the same things, people, and places, dating back to childhood. Extremely vivid dreams are also very common for Geminis. They'll often feel confused when awoken since they can't distinguish right away what was real life and what was a dream. In the daytime, having some activity where they can go into the alternate state of dreaming like music, dancing, painting, or writing (anything creative) can help bring balance.


Virgo and Dreams

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by socialite Mercury. It's not uncommon for Virgo signs to have a harder time recalling dreams over time. Since so much of Virgo's life is tied to success and career, nightmares about messing up at work or even getting fired are common. Virgo's can have very symbolic dreams that give them more insight into the people close to them. Some will dream the perfect life, which makes it harder to handle real-life, or Virgos uses dreams to escape the pressures of life, often pressures they've placed on themselves. A healthy dose of realism mixed with a dollop of escapism (videogames, movies, music, activities) can bring balance.


Libra and Dreams

Libra is an air sign ruled by romantic Venus. Libra is also a pretty vivid dreamer, sometimes waking up with a deep sigh of relief, being thankful that what they've just been through was just a dream. Elements of horror, gore, and unbelievable fantasy-themed moments are also quite common for this enchanting zodiac sign. Feminine presences are also significant in Libras' dreams. Angels, goddesses, and feminine deities showing up is likely to occur, and often spiritual guidance is given. Since Libra is the balance scale, they tend to remember their dreams and put the wisdom in them into practice.


Capricorn and Dreams

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by the stubborn planet Saturn. Capricorns most commonly don't give much meaning to astrology, and they have a similar mentality when it comes to dreams and their symbolism. When stressed, they often dream about the subject that makes them stressed - which is often career or relationship related. Dreams of guilt are, sadly, common for Capricorn signs. Often robbed of the beauty of fantasy and the escapism dreams afford, Capricorns can add the richness of dreaming into their dream lives with intention. Write something outlandish and absurd that you want to dream about on a piece of paper, and you'll be more likely to manifest.


Aquarius and Dreams

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by mystical Uranus. This rebellious sign often has odd and confusing dreams. For example, they could see a set of stairs that they saw once during a trip to Europe over and over and over. These symbols are supposed to remind them of how they felt at certain moments in their lives. Once there's a death in the family, they tend to dream about the deceased quite often. It's soothing and healing to get an ADC (after-death communication). A lot of problem-solving happens with air signs when they dream, and Aquarius is no exception. For this reason, people come to them with their problems and tend to get quick and helpful advice. Aquarius get clarity on their life through dreaming, one could argue, more than other signs.


Remember, no matter what sign you have, we all have a natal chart, which means you could dream like more than one of the signs mentioned above. Contact one of our fantastic Psychics to help you interpret your dreams!

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