How Fire and Water Signs Dream

How Fire and Water Signs Dream

December 05, 2021 by Psychic Halo x4168
Fire Signs and Water Signs Experience Rich Dream Worlds
Fire Signs and Water Signs Experience Rich Dream Worlds

Astrology has also been a powerful tool for understanding and interpreting dreams. In your life, you have likely heard of the phenomenon of people not being able to sleep when there is a Full Moon. This is actually something that has been thoroughly studied, confirming that lunar cycles do affect our ability to sleep. See this recent article for more on the science.

More goes into interpreting dreams and astrology than just the Sun signs. Your whole natal chart can greatly impact how you dream and what the dream might mean, particularly your Moon and Neptune placement, as well as the activity in your ninth House and twelfth House.

We're going to focus on how each fire and water Sun sign dreams.


Aries and Dreams

Aries is a fire sign ruled by the powerful planet Mars. Mars is often tied to an imminent sense of drive and passion. Because of this, Aries signs tend to dream about a feeling of danger or even violence. Death is also a common theme for Aries. You might dream of someone passing before they do or are a prophetic dreamer of what will become of your family and even humanity. That said, Aries also dreams about their life purpose and birthing their passion in a big way into life, such as achieving life goals and career-related intentions. The energy of Aries likes to make its presence known through impact. Powerful symbols will commonly appear when Aries is at rest, such as swords, guns, temples, machines, fire, large places, etc.


Cancer and Dreams

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the emotional energy of the Moon. Cancer signs often dream of bodies of water. (I know, big shocker.) They might feel a presence of danger in their dreams. For example, drowning, falling into water, tsunamis, and big waves are common themes.

On the other hand, their dreams can also be very nostalgic: Reliving in dreams certain moments from childhood or life repeatedly. This can work against them where they harp on the same bad experience and relive it through nightmares or night terrors. Forgiveness with boundaries can be the remedy, but Cancer might also need the sacred space of dreaming to really hash things out.


Leo and Dreams

Leos are fire signs ruled by the mighty, glistening Sun. A lot of Leos tend to dream about interpersonal relationships. These dreams affect them a lot. For example, a Leo could have a dream about an acquaintance, and depending on how the person acted in the dream, it has the power to change Leo's feelings about them completely. Clothes and luxurious items can be common too. Bad dreams for Leos often entail a feeling of impending doom or fear of the unknown. Dreams of teeth falling out is common for fear and uncertainty. Leos also have BIG dreams where they receive recognition and praise for saving the day. Sensuality and sexuality themes also have a propensity to pop into Leo's dreams.


Scorpio and Dreams

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by the transformative planet, Pluto. Their dreams tend to carry a certain type of intensity. Dreams related to sexuality and passion are no stranger to the typical Scorpio sign. However, their fears can become magnified when they are in the world of dreams. Scorpios can have all of their deepest fantasies come true in a dream, only to feel like their soul is getting crushed in the next one. The ups and downs of their dreams can affect their moods. Setting aside time to process dreams after awakening helps transform the energy of the dream into something useful.


Sagittarius and Dreams

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by the planet of good fortune - Jupiter. As a natural thrill seeker and adventurer, Sagittarian dreams often carry a certain notion of courageous endeavor. Sensual meetings with unfamiliar faces are also a common theme. Their nightmares can involve them needing to escape a place. At times, the symbols in their dreams can be foreboding: For example, dreaming certain symbols that translate back into their personal lives give a sense of premonition, but in an almost haunting way. For instance, if they saw a butterfly when their grandfather died, dreams of that specific butterfly will give them a sense that something bad will happen.


Pisces and Dreams

Pisces is a water sign ruled by the mysterious Neptune. In astrology, it is a well-known fact that Pisces signs tend to have the most vivid, expressive, and intense dreams. Some astrologers would even go as far as to say that Pisces tend to have dreams of premonition, warning them of impending danger or harm. However, fantasy elements are also common. Pisces commonly dream of events that have already happened to them, sometimes allowing them to fulfill the "what could have been" fantasy.


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