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How Pisces Are You?

May 02, 2023 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Compassion and Sensitivity are key characteristics of Pisces. What other traits do you share with this water sign?
Compassion and Sensitivity are key characteristics of Pisces. What other traits do you share with this water sign?

Pisces, the twelfth and rounding sign of the zodiac, is the archetypal water sign. Those born under this star are sensitive and idealistic souls who never lose touch with their emotions. Ready to take action always, a Pisces personality is in tune with the energies of those around them. To the point of caring about how others feel a little too much. Pisceans are true idealists, with their sights unerringly set on the bigger picture while working to craft dreams into reality. The symbol of the Pisces is the twin fishes, which is tied to the ancient Greek myth of Aphrodite and Eros. And just like Aphrodite and Eros, Pisces is a true lover until the end. Of all the signs, Pisces is most likely to ask, “Am I Pisces?” 

As water is in perpetual motion, so is the Pisces continually flowing and evolving. Their emotions are as powerful as the tide of the sea, but no two Pisces let their feelings flow the same way. So, we’ve designed this chart to help you discover exactly what kind of Pisces you are! (Want to know what your Zodiac Signs mean and how they shape your future? An intuitive Psychic Astrologer will be glad to help!) While one Pisces may lean completely into their romantic ways, doing all they can to find true love, another might tend to their sensitive side with a life full of creative pursuits! Two distinctly different people who can still carry the same emotionally charged energy just below the surface. “What type of Pisces am I?” Let’s find out together! 

Am I Pisces? Take The Quiz To Find Out! 

Don’t sweat it, Pisces. We know you’re wondering how your own energy flows compared to your other water-attuned kin, and we’ve got the answer! 

Here’s what to expect: We’ve gathered the core Pisces personality traits all in one place! Rank yourself on a scale of 0 to 5, 0 saying “That’s way off base.” and 5 saying “That’s right on the money!” At the end of the quiz, you’ll tally up the score so that you can use it to answer the question weighing on your mind. “Am I Pisces?” 

What’s your Pisces personality? Let's dive in!


When a Pisces feels, they feel to the fullest extent. They have no subtle emotions because this empathic nature is one of their greatest strengths. Every emotion, including the energetic fields of those around them, moves through Pisces like a wave. Whether it’s their childhood friend or a stranger in a coffee shop sipping sadly on a cappuccino, Pisces will sense if someone is in a mood. These people are the first to ask, “What’s wrong?” and offer a shoulder to lean on. Many Pisces make wonderful healers and nurturers thanks to their insight into the unspoken needs of others.

Score yourself: 0 - Compassion is a little too draining for me to 5 - Everyone needs a friend!


From stardom to their own little slice of heaven, Pisces dream big. We all know that the world is made of hopes and wishes; Pisces is the one who will refuse to give up on those wishes, no matter the cost. A Pisces will always see what can be, even if it is a little impossible, and will work non-stop towards those goals. And when things are looking dark, a Pisces personality knows to draw inspiration from that which they long for in their heart. This aspect of the Pisces personality makes them wonderful comrades for project building because they’ll see what it can become and encourage others to believe in it! 

Score yourself: 0 - No time for dreaming, gotta keep my feet on the ground to 5 - Shoot for the stars, and you’ll at least hit the moon!


Though it may not seem like it initially, Pisces are incredibly adaptable. At the same time, it is easy for a Pisces personality to get discouraged with their sensitive or hopeful nature. This water sign knows how to bend around obstacles when needed. After an initial moment of gloom, the Pisces will find a new spark to give them hope and will do everything they can to encourage others. With a creative nature augmenting their flexible resolution skills, Pisces only needs a breath to collect themselves. Once that is found, they tend to see a new, equally hopeful course to set their sights on. 

Score yourself: 0 - If it doesn’t go perfectly, my world feels like it is collapsing to 5 - I’ll ride the waves and find a new way to get what I want!


The energy of a Pisces personality moves like a torrent, cascading from one high point to the next. This means they aren’t sitting in one place for too long. They’ll rush into wherever their ambitions and emotions lead them. And as they are natural empaths, they feel fast and hard. This makes a Pisces personality very loyal and quick to trust but also quick to leave something toxic or unhealthy for them. In short, Pisces does what they want and are glad for it. Life for a Pisces is a series of consecutive adventures meant to lead them toward their best lives.

Score yourself: 0 - I’m a planner, not a doer to 5 - You only live once! 


Water is the natural conductor of all energy in existence, and it is a natural manifestation tool and thus is highly in touch with the smallest vibrations. A Pisces personality is the living embodiment of water energy, and they feel a teardrop as a tidal wave. Intuitive and empathic, Pisces care deeply for how energy resonates around them and tend to invest in that energy. When things are bad for a Pisces, they’re awful. But when they’re good, the Pisces is riding on cloud nine. When it comes down to it, you don’t need to tell Pisces what you’re feeling. They just know. 

Score yourself: 0 - I’m just not the sensitive type to 5 - Sometimes I just need to feel my feelings.


We’ve all dreamed of love. A Pisces dreams more than most. Being so heavily invested in emotions, both their own and those around them, a Pisces personality wants to feel the greatest emotion of all. Love. When a Pisces loves, they love hard and fast. But they’ll always dive headfirst into the passion, the romance. They love gestures of affection that show just how much you care, especially big ones that get a little bit weepy. Not only that, but Pisces enjoys the little ways to display their partner they love them. With Pisces, you’ll always know you are cared for. Or when they’re upset.

Score yourself: 0 - That sappy stuff is for Hallmark movies to 5 - Oh my gosh, I love the Notebook!

What Type of Pisces Am I?

Got your points all added up? Now it’s time for the final show! Based on your final score, take a look below and see just what type of Pisces you are:

Low Score (0-5): This seems a little fishy. 

Mid score (10-20): Pretty Pisces.

High Score (25-30): You’re a Fin-tastic Pisces!

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Psychic Flynn x4269
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