Moon Phases and Their Meanings

Moon Phases and Their Meanings

April 01, 2022 by PathForward
You can use the spiritual energy of the moon's phases to set intentions and release what you don't need.
You can use the spiritual energy of the moon's phases to set intentions and release what you don't need.

The sun gets a lot of attention in astrology, but the moon impacts your life more than you may realize. As the lunar cycle goes from New Moon to Full Moon and back again, the different points of the satellite's orbit around our planet bring different spiritual energy to your life. The moon goes on a journey every month, impacting your outlook and personality, all while offering a chance to get a better understanding of yourself and how you can tap into the moon's power.


The Importance of Understanding Moon Phases and Meanings

The moon in astrology governs subconscious emotions. Though you may not know how to express those subconscious feelings, you certainly experience them on a deep level. That's why your moon sign determines what your inner self requires. At the same time, the ever-changing moon in the sky above affects you every day.

This should come as no surprise when you think of how the moon controls the ocean's tides. We humans are mostly made up of water, too, so you can feel the moon's tugging as you go about your day-to-day routine. So, moon mapping, or deliberately acting according to the lunar cycle, is a great way to guide your daily decisions. Every lunar phase boasts different spiritual energy, and you can harness that energy as you set goals and learn to grow.

The meaning of each of the moon's phases offers a unique guide for looking inward. You can use the celestial body's power to set intentions and guide your principles and goals. Attract intentions and let go of what you don't need according to the moon's phases as you use spiritual shifts to live your best life. Ready to get started? Here's a breakdown of each moon phase's astrological meanings and how you can use this energetic push to guide you.


New Moon Meaning

Also known as the Dark Moon, the New Moon is the first up when it comes to lunar phases. The moon is between the Sun and Earth during this phase, seemingly disappearing since our trusty satellite's shadow is facing the Earth. Spiritually speaking, the New Moon is a time for new beginnings. Harness this lunar phase's energy by setting personal intentions and leaning into the time for fresh starts. Visualize your goals, whether you want to improve a relationship or make strides in your career, in a journal or vision board.


Waxing Crescent Moon Meaning

Occurring just after the New Moon, the Waxing Crescent Moon looks like a tiny sliver in the sky. The Waxing Crescent Moon sparks a time of positivity and hope. It's time to manifest the goals you envisioned for this lunar cycle during the New Moon, meditating on what you want and embracing the dreams you have for yourself.


First Quarter Moon Meaning

OK, you've wrapped yourself in dreams for the weeks ahead. As the lunar cycle moves into the First Quarter Moon, you'll see half the moon alight above you. This moon phase meaning is all about taking action. Implement the intentions you envisioned earlier, making your decisions. The First Quarter Moon means spiritual momentum — consider it your permission from the universe to make necessary edits that fit your lifestyle.


Waxing Gibbous Moon Meaning

Two weeks after the New Moon comes the Waxing Gibbous Moon, a vibrant phase where the moon is nearly full. Harness this phase's spiritual energy by clarifying your thoughts. Take a moment to assess your situation and discuss your feelings, speaking with an intuitive Psychic for some extra guidance. Now is the time to look inwards, recite positive affirmations, and find the confidence you need to shake up your life and move toward transformation.


Full Moon Meaning

It's here! The Earth sits between the sun and moon, letting you check out your lunar guide at its fullest. Everything around you is illuminated, including your intuition. So, take a signal from the moon to let go and release. The glow of the full moon gives you a clear perspective to see your relationships and situations. Quit bad habits, exit bad situations, and let yourself focus on self-care and healing. From relaxing baths to charging crystals, you'll find plenty of ways to harness the spiritual energy of this phase.

Looking for lunar love guidance? Here's a pro-tip: Relationships tend to get intense during the full moon, so now is the time to grow and evolve. A willingness to change  — from both parties — is key.


Waning Gibbous Moon Meaning

The moon's light starts dimming after the Full Moon. Take stock of where you are halfway through the moon's phase cycles. Revisit your intentions and express your gratitude. It's time to own your power.


Last Quarter Moon Meaning

The Last Quarter Moon, also called the Third Quarter Moon, brings release. With half the moon alight (though opposite from the First Quarter Moon), you're ready to let go of anything that doesn't serve you. Whether that's a project, extra clothes, or toxic relationships, clean out what you don't need. This phase is also a good time to break bad habits once and for all.


Waning Crescent Moon Meaning

The moon goes back to a sliver during the Waning Crescent Moon, sometimes called the Balsamic Moon. You can only see a crescent of light during the last lunar moment before the start of a new cycle. Spiritually, this translates to a time for peace and stillness. Focus, reflect, and rest instead of going to the limits now. Tap into inner peace before you start on another new journey with the next New Moon in a few days. Look back at the lows and highs of the preceding weeks to gain a better understanding of the lessons the moon taught you over the past cycle.

An Astrologer can help you find a personalized path to really tap into the moon's powers and harness lunar spiritual energy through each cycle. Learn more about moon phases and meaning by speaking to an Astrologer, and get a Psychic Reading at PathForward today.




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