Pisces 2022 Horoscope Forecast
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Pisces 2022 Horoscope Forecast

February 23, 2022 by Psychic Christine x4063
Here's a glimpse into what Pisces can expect from their horoscope in 2022!
Here's a glimpse into what Pisces can expect from their horoscope in 2022!

Major Trends for Pisces

Congratulations Pisces, you are living the good life this year! And you are also in an especially powerful connection phase in your life, which means deep spiritual and personal growth can come with more grace and ease. This time will allow you to approach your life in new ways, not on automatic pilot or the easiest feel-good path. Plus, wonderful energy from the luckiest planet in the zodiac, Jupiter, is in your sign from January to May and again from October through the end of the year. Jupiter invites us to think bigger, aim higher, and expect more. Set some new goals that are very meaningful to you. Make sure that you are really reaching higher on some of these goals and aspirations. Don't stop with the more achievable goals. Shoot for the stars! Travel, new adventures, and additional education may call to you. 


Love & Social Life

Remember that love always starts with your loving self-care. The beginning of the year is calm and predictable in love. If married, life is happy and stable. If you are single, you may do well to explore a virtual relationship that can grow into more in the future. You may be off to a slow start with love, but with many changes in your life, love will become a major focus from July onward. 

Have you already cut out all the toxic people in your life who do not support who you really are? Hopefully, you have also figured out who really matters and is good in your life right now and maybe ongoing. Treasure this. If not, get clarity right now. You do really know who they are. Expect significant changes for the better in relationships, even in romance. This year is about getting through your fears about relationships that are holding you back. Do a deep dive. What are you truly afraid of with love? Take a moment and answer that very honestly! You will feel more confident in yourself after these personal discoveries, which will boost your most important one-to-one relationships. You are often a very easy-going person, but once you start to realize how marvelous you are, maybe you can draw a few stronger boundaries for your own happiness.

Home Life

Family and home are similar to last year. Planetary changes are only short-term and temporary until August 20th, when Mars shifts into your 4th house. This is all about home and family, being domestic, where you feel at home, and your past. This energy stays there until the end of the year, possibly bringing renovations or conflict within the family.


Finances & Cash Flow

The movement of planets and astrology will be supporting a very changeable atmosphere for you this year. You will work hard for your money and ambitions and will be successful. Your efforts may not always be appreciated, so keep up your efforts from internal determination, and you will be acknowledged and find supporters for your actions. Create a new action plan to save and even invest your money - this needs to be a new priority in your life to reach your goals. Otherwise, money will continue to be spent and gone before you know it. Pause and reflect before you spend or invest your money. Do you really need this item, and is it a priority for you? Or is it just "I want it right now?"

If you are struggling with cash flow, now is a great time to 'heal' the root of your financial concern. Reflect. When did your challenges with money and cash flow begin? Look deeper at that time in your life. With a compassionate heart, you can be open to healing that time frame to correct your financial challenges. Do not hide from this inner awareness anymore. You also get a couple of opportunities with the planet of plenty, Jupiter, with money this year (from May to October and again at the end of the year), which will often improve matters for you – be mindful and do not spend recklessly!


Career & Public Image

Your year looks prosperous. Study or travel both are highlighted for you in 2022, thanks to the eclipses. Jupiter is strong in your sign for half of the year, bringing abundance, expansion, and increase in your income and status. Jupiter is your wealth and career planet. You have a variety of wise career advancements heading your way. Your appearances and the way you carry yourself will play a role in your success in your career.


Health & Wellness

All looks good this year with normal good health and energy. You can even improve it with reflexology, including chest massage and efforts to support the breastbone and upper rib cage to strengthen the heart. The feet are also especially relevant to Pisces, and consistent foot massages will benefit your feet and whole body. 

Family member drama may bring stress into your life. The more neutral and diplomatic you can view these situations, the more you can move through them calmly. You can even help resolve conflict if you back away from judgment. Your fun demeanor can lighten the tension b bringing lighthearted activities to the table to break the tension. 

Take note that fears not only hold you back in life but also shut you down over time. Fear can even make you unhealthy. Pay attention to the movement of Saturn in your chart and what's impacting your 12th house- that holds deep, dark sensitive parts of us, including our fears. This is the ideal time to look at what scares you and why and find ways to deal with it.

Self Improvement

Learn to enjoy time by yourself and find comfort in that inner connection. With Neptune in your sign for years and now Jupiter, your ability to flow and deepen in spirituality is rapidly speeding up. A mystical or spiritual-related career will honor your natural tendencies. 



So, you have an exciting year ahead. You need to work through your fears, for abundance and in all areas of your life. Learn to balance your desire to please others and your own need to live life as your true self. Soul searching can be insightful, yet action is also required to reach your deepest desires. What is it that has been holding you back from making the progress your soul craves? When your dreams scare you, those are really the ones worth chasing. 


Do you have questions about what’s ahead on your path? Get in touch with me or another expert Astrologer here at PathForward for even deeper dive into your zodiac sign.


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