Sandler is One of Many Knowledgeable Virgos

Sandler is One of Many Knowledgeable Virgos

August 29, 2015
Adam Sandler is a well-known Virgo.
Adam Sandler is a well-known Virgo.
Most Virgos will tell you that they are smarter than meets the eye, and they might be right - this astrological sign, which is represented by a knowledgeable virgin, often brings out the intelligence in those who were born between August 23 and September 22.

One of the most famous Virgos in Hollywood is actor Adam Sandler. Going back to his days on Saturday Night Live, the star has always been quick-witted and successful in seemingly everything he does. Sandler has also stole the spotlight in a number of notable movies, such as Happy Gilmore and 50 First Dates.

Could his success have something to do with his sign? Perhaps! Sandler, who was born on Sept. 9, is known for choosing extremely profitable projects, and good decision-making is a prime characteristic in Virgos.

Virgos also have impeccable taste in design and often prove to be some of the best critics when it comes to literature and art. Want to know more about your sign? A gifted psychic can use her talents to help you understand your zodiac. Psychics can also predict events later down the line that might influence your well-being.

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