Sandra Bullock Encompasses Many Traits of a Warm Leo

Sandra Bullock Encompasses Many Traits of a Warm Leo

July 31, 2015
Sandra Bullock encompasses many traits of a warm Leo
The astrological sign of Leo applies to those who are born between July 23 and August 22, and these individuals are represented by the lion - an animal that represents fierceness and courage. These two characteristics are often found in Leos, who are some of the most dominant of the zodiac.

One individual who has many of the strong traits of a Leo is actress Sandra Bullock. Born on July 26, Bullock is renowned for her roles in numerous movies and television shows. Since she came onto the scene, the star has been known for being charismatic, warm and inspiring - just a few of the many traits of Leos.

People with this sign are also courageous and always willing to accept a challenge. They're loyal to those who trust, but they may turn on someone who is dishonest with them later down the line.

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