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Star Signs of the Stars: Zendaya, A Vibrant Virgo

August 21, 2022 by PathForward
A private, perfectionist hard worker, Virgo celebrity Zendaya really highlights her star sign's traits.
A private, perfectionist hard worker, Virgo celebrity Zendaya really highlights her star sign's traits.

We all know and love Zendaya, but looking at this famous Virgo's birth chart can help us REALLY know her. Zendaya exemplifies the traits of a Virgo in many ways. Learn how, then get a Psychic Reading to see how your own star sign plays into your traits and path in life.

All About Zendaya's Star Sign

Award-winning actor, singer, philanthropist, and style icon — it seems like Zendaya does it all. Take one look at her birth chart, and you'll get insight into why that is. Zendaya is truly a Virgo celebrity, complete with effortless allure (and quite the perfectionist streak). Born on September 1, 1996, Zendaya highlights the best of the Virgo sign with her put-together nature and undeniable charm.

So, what's a Virgo like? The earth sign, which applies to folks born between August 23 and September 22, gives people deep roots in the material world. It's no wonder, then, that Zendaya dazzles with her fashion sense. Virgos are also true perfectionists who don't shy away from honing their skills through consistent practice, diligent hard work, and a hyper-awareness of each and every detail. Sound like someone you know? Perhaps our put-together fashion queen, a.k.a. Zendaya?

Yeah, that's Zendaya to a T. But that's not all. Kind and supportive friends and lovers, Virgos just want to help everyone they meet. Virgos love using their intellect to solve problems and provide practical assistance. These committed, hardworking folks make great healers, teachers, and musicians, so it should come as no surprise that Zendaya simultaneously makes good on her incredible talents while also following philanthropic pursuits.

Whether you know her from HBO's Euphoria or her early Disney channel days, or you're just constantly awed by this celeb's bold, head-turning style, there's no denying Zendaya is an interesting person. It's sometimes hard to figure out exactly why Zendaya is so darn charming, but she totally is. Her Virgo sun sign gives insight into where that charm comes from, so let's dive deeper into Zendaya's oh-so-Virgo traits.

A Hard-Working Intellectual

Zendaya's sun in Virgo means this star doesn't consider working hard to be hard work at all. Zendaya embraces her intellectual side while striving toward success. As for that hard-working nature, Zendaya has been at it since she was just 14 years old.

She rose to fame through her roles on the Disney Channel, going on to earn lead roles in "The Greatest Showman" and Spider-Man movies. She also earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her work in HBO's Euphoria — and at the time, she was the youngest actor to get the coveted award.

She's revealed in interviews that she loves the work life, feeling a bit uncomfortable when she finally gets to take a break. Though she acknowledges taking a break is important, she also says she doesn't really love doing it. Zendaya feels most at home when she can work hard and hone her skills.

The Ultimate Perfectionist

Virgos have an uncanny knack of transforming all types of information into organized concepts, and they're meticulous in just about everything they do. Sometimes that hyper-awareness of perfection can stand in the way for a Virgo if they constantly chase an ideal. Practical, systematic, and logical in their approach to, well, everything in life, Virgos are known for their perfectionist tendencies.

This famous Virgo is no exception. Zendaya has openly joked about her quintessential Virgo quality in interviews, going so far as to label herself as a control freak. She's captioned her own Instagram posts with nods to her Virgo identity, too.

Zendaya sometimes feels like things she does aren't worthwhile if they aren't completely perfect, which speaks to the pitfalls of this Virgo trait. Virgos can get so caught up in their perfectionism that they can't embrace the wonderful things they've created if they don't view their accomplishments as perfect. Virgos want to be the best at anything they try, which can catapult them to incredible success but also hold them back if they can't get on board with certain flaws.

Private in Life and Love

The pure Virgo spirit makes Zendaya both charming and self-sufficient, but Virgos don't love being in the public eye. Though Virgos like feeling appreciated, they shy away from fame. That explains why Zendaya enjoys incredible success in her career but still keeps her private life pretty private.

There's no better example of this than Zendaya's intriguing love life. Zendaya doesn't give the world much to see when it comes to dating and relationships, but when we do get a glimpse, it just further proves what a Virgo Zendaya really is. Take her relationship with actor Tom Holland, for example. Born on June 1, 1996, Holland is a Gemini. In other words, he's a perfect match for Zendaya in terms of intellectual compatibility.

In fact, Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. These star signs are really, really different in many ways. Geminis are all about expression and output, while Virgos are about processing and input. However, both star signs are resilient and flexible, and they crave mental stimulation.

The stars certainly seem aligned for these two co-stars, but they only publicly became a couple when pictures came to light of the two kissing in July of 2021. Actually, the pair still haven't even fully confirmed that they're together, though certain public appearances and social media posts have given hints to their relationship status. If our fave Virgo celebrity stays true to her star sign's need for privacy, we may never really know.

Zendaya's birth chart highlights the traits that set her on the path to becoming a star. Your own birth chart can give you insight into your best qualities and how you can turn your star sign into a roadmap for your own life. Ready for some Psychic Advice from an intuitive Astrologer? Get a reading at PathForward today!



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