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The 12 Zodiac Houses: More Than Just Your Sign

February 28, 2022 by PathForward
The zodiac houses play a huge part in your birth chart.
The zodiac houses play a huge part in your birth chart.

Whether you're super into astrology or can't tell a Pisces from an Aries, you've likely at least heard of zodiac signs. Sun signs, though, are just part of the picture. Zodiac houses are also a huge part of astrology, grounding them in earthly matters. Each house corresponds to different areas of your life, like relationships, career, and home. In other words, these houses are essential to understanding your destiny and path in life.


Wait, What's a Zodiac House?

Sure, you've heard of the 12 zodiac signs, like Scorpio, Gemini, Libra, and all the rest. But did you know there are 12 astrology houses — or that these zodiac houses mean something totally different than your sun sign?

Every house corresponds to certain traits, starting with the self and moving out into society and beyond. When you get an astrological Psychic Reading, an Astrologer looks at where the planets were at the time you were born, checking out the signs AND houses. The meaning of each planet, sign, and house in astrology create a roadmap to the obstacles and gifts you face in your lifetime.

Planets light the house they're in, energizing the traits of that house. Astrologers can use astrology houses to see the parts of your life where you can take the best actions. Let's dive into the 12 astrology house meanings to get you started before you get your own reading.


First Zodiac House

Not surprisingly, the first house is about beginnings. This house sets up your identity and self, your appearance, and your new endeavors. The first house is all about how you present yourself to the rest of the world and how others see you. You know, those first impressions.


Second Zodiac House

Look no further than the second house if you're seeking insight into the physical and material aspects of your life. Relating to your sense of stability, immediate environment, and material things like money, this house governs your five senses. This is also where you'll find your values, self-worth, self-esteem, and the ways in which you feel comfortable in your environment and body.


Third Zodiac House

Consider the third house the source of your communication. That goes for talking, thinking, and even your online interactions. This is the place where you figure out how to articulate ideas, building upon the identity you get from the first house and the values and material resources of the second house. Ruler of electronics and tech, media, and the way you give and receive messages overall, the third house is all about community.


Fourth Zodiac House

The fourth house serves as the foundation of the entire chart. Literally found at the bottom of the chart, the fourth house relates to home, roots, and security. It's where you find feelings of safety and figure out how best to nurture others. Time for some self-care? Check out the fourth house to determine the best approach for caring for yourself, too.


Fifth Zodiac House

The fertile fifth house dictates creation. That means your creative instincts and self-expression come from the fifth house, as do all things artistic and dramatic. The fifth house also relates to creation in the literal sense in terms of children. Governing play and the arts as well as love and romance, this house is all about natural creativity and freedom.


Sixth Zodiac House

Of course, life isn't all fun and games, and the sixth house continues to build on the journey from the self and expression and now to health and service. From your organizational skills and daily routine to fitness, diet and exercise, and your service to others and even the planet, the topics of this house face more outward and turn to care of the body and service to society.


Seventh Zodiac House

Look right across from the first house (remember, that's the key to identity) and see the seventh house, which is all about the people you meet and the relationships you build. It's the place for partnerships, both in your personal and business life. Marriage, contracts, and how you learn more about yourself through interactions with others are all seventh-house-specialties. The goal? Balancing two forces.


Eighth Zodiac House

Mysticism and magic reign supreme in this mysterious section of the chart. Your eighth house is all about transformation: birth, death, and rebirth, not to mention investments, sex, and merged energies. This house is where you go deep. Sort through resources and get to know yourself. The eighth house is where things merge.


Ninth Zodiac House

Personal evolution and higher thinking are the realms of the ninth house. Everything from philosophy and religion to global travel, foreign languages, and your beliefs, ethics, and morals come from this house. The ninth house gives insight into how you decide to take risks and venture out, whether that's to other parts of the world or other parts of your own mind.


Tenth Zodiac House

The super visible house at the top of the chart is the zodiac's most public spot. The tenth house rules institutions and traditions, not to mention the legacy you're supposed to leave in the world. Achievements and honors, reputation and authority, and fathers and fatherhood are all governed here. Pro-tip: Give a close look to your Midheaven (a.k.a., this house's cusp and the astrological placement highlighting ideal purpose) if you want career path clarity.


Eleventh Zodiac House

Searching for your BFFs? The eleventh house rules all things future- and friendship-focused. The house associated with hopes, ideals, and large groups of people, the eleventh house can give you a glimpse into the future. Teams, networks, and the unexpected come from this piece of the sky.


Twelfth Zodiac House

Think of the twelfth house like the darkness before dawn. A little spooky and scary, sure, but mostly filled with imagination and potential. The last house of the zodiac is where things unseen start coming into the light, and it rules mysteries, secrets, creativity, imagination, arts, and the subconscious mind.

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