Written in the Stars: Zodiac Dating Advice - Taurus
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Written in the Stars: Zodiac Dating Advice - Taurus

April 17, 2023 by Psychic Crystal x4289

Psychic Crystal gives you the forecast for this Taurus season plus some tips for connecting with a special Taurus in your life.




Hello there! This is your psychic host Crystal at extension 4289. Welcome to “Written in the Stars”-Zodiac Dating Advice.

Next up with our general horoscope front and center we have the bull, Taurus. A strong steady group of individuals who know the attributes they possess are one of a kind. When taurus season is upon us we all know that slow and steady will set the pace for all of our victories. This Taurus energy will provide us all the strength we need to push through any obstacles. We as a collective are being asked to set time aside for rest and resetting. We will be flooded at this time with opportunities to collaborate on new projects and increase income in several ways. Balancing our time and energy will be very important. Many seeds in love will sprout forth.  When approaching serious relationships show up for others fully and observe more. There will be unexpected money coming to your account or making its way to your mailbox. Begin each day with gratitude as it makes its way towards you now. This Taurus energy will give us the extra strength we need to dig our feet into the ground and work diligently.

Taureans!!! I am providing you with some dating insight.  You can’t  be so stubborn with what you want and who you want it from. There will be many opportunities during this time to take friendships and relationships deeper. Lighten up and reduce the mental chatter. Lean into experiencing life more as it comes to you.  When dating be flexible. Anyone who shows up and shows interest in you must be consistent and dependable. This is important because you bring these attributes to each relationship that you are involved in. Taureans are social butterflies and are sociable when there is space to be. Anyone who is knocking on your door must have great taste and must be as elegant as you are since you prefer the finer things in life.  A suitor must show up in action to receive any of your time or attention. Taureans you are the prize and when you are serious about someone you show all the way up. Expect nothing less from others.

What sign is Taurus most compatible with?

Being that Taureans are great listeners and sometimes stubborn they make for a great match for Cancers. Both of these signs really value family which serves as common ground for communication and building. Cancers are caring and nurturing to their partners. This is perfect since secretly Taureans like to be cared for and loved on. Neither sign is afraid to commit and looks ahead for what could come for them both long term. A true friendship they both can talk to each other for hours. Taurens and cancers will naturally connect as soulmates. Reciprocation is the word for this team. Cancer is a water sign that flows with our Earth Sign the Taurus. For you taurus, cancer will feel like home and a safe place. This sign is definitely the sign you want to make a connection with.

Are you looking to date a Taurus man? Here’s the scoop.

Taurus men can be very stubborn and head strong. Take a few steps back and observe him before making your first move. An alpha male so you will need to allow him to feel strong in his manhood. Support his interests and show up consistently. They are big on communication so make sure you verbalize what you want and your expectations. Family is important to him so make sure to simply check in with him when it comes to his family. Think romance and probably go ahead and accept the fact this this man is a homebody. Give him ways to see life from a positive aspect.  If you can understand this, you will definitely tame your taurus bull.

Interested in a Taurus women. Here is the tea!

She will be strong and independent so complimenting her will be your first task at hand. This woman loves to be assured about her accomplishments and her uniqueness. Do try to push her too much, guide her as you lead her to romantic times and deep conversations. It will be important to show her you are dependable. Stability is something this woman yearns for. Make sure you keep your word. She is keeping tabs on all that you say and do. Letting her dominate is key to making her feel like the leader she is. Find balance with who is in the driver’s seat, and you are in for a wonderful ride.

Tune in next time to “Written in the Stars” Zodiac Dating Advice with psychic Crystal.

Psychic Crystal x4289

Psychic Crystal is a third-generation clairvoyant medium and intuitive psychic. In her decade-long professional career as a Psychic she has shared her gifts with clients around the globe. Psychic Crystal is also the voice of the PathForward podcast, “Written in the Star: Zodiac Dating Advice.”

 - Psychic Crystal x4289

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