Zodiac Compatibility; Dating Advice for Virgo
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Zodiac Compatibility; Dating Advice for Virgo

August 09, 2023 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Dating a Virgo Man (or Virgo Woman!) can be a roller-coaster ride.
Dating a Virgo Man (or Virgo Woman!) can be a roller-coaster ride.

Dating a Virgo is much like trying to catch wind between your fingers. It’s not impossible; you just have to approach it practically. Whether it’s dating a Virgo man or dating a Virgo woman, you’ll need to have an open mind. Or at least a present one. With so many aspects, a million nuances that collide into the spirit of who we are, peeking behind the curtain can be invaluable. Compassion and empathy are the core of finding a successful relationship. To empathize with someone, especially the rational Virgo, you must comprehend them. It isn’t always about Virgo most compatible signs or least compatible ones! Sure, your sign can set you up for an easier time blending energies. But what counts the most is having an open mind to try and click with the person you’re with. 

The complexities, or simplicities once you know them, of dating a Virgo aren’t many. They are splendidly beautiful and one of a kind. It isn’t hard to get along with these earth signs. Unlike their kin, these are real salt-of-the-earth kind of folks. They’ll keep their nose to the stone, perfecting their habits and patterns to achieve their desires. Hard-working is an understatement for Virgo, who can sometimes overwork themself into despair. Or even into disrepair. (Trying to fix what ain’t broke.) Stress isn’t close behind when worries are on the table because Virgos are quick to apply themselves diligently to the troubles at hand.

Dating a Virgo Man

You’ll always want to keep things rational when dating a Virgo man. Virgo men are analytical to a near fault, often coming across as judgmental. It isn’t their intention to judge you for the sake of cruelty, my kin. Don’t forget that this is their tool for trying to optimize their lives and the lives of those closest to them. If you are dating a Virgo man and he shares his opinion (or even not-so-gentle assessment) with you, it usually means he is trying to support you in his own misguided way. They’ll also be tough to budge, so don’t push back, hoping to gauge a reaction. Virgos keep their heart buried beneath a placid surface, so it doesn’t hurt also to check in sparingly on their feelings. If you inadvertently hurt a Virgo man, don’t be surprised if they weren’t so forthcoming. They’re not trying to hide these facts or leverage them against you. Communication is difficult for all people; Virgos especially like to keep things chipper.

Dating a Virgo Woman

When dating a Virgo woman, present your down-to-earth values and beliefs. Don’t worry. We’ve all got ways we dig our toes into the sand, so open up about them! Reveal that you can cut loose and be free without any toxicities. Virgo women, heck, all people even, love seeing that their partner is both driven and humble. So, avoid fluffing yourself up because those keen eyes will cut right through a facade. And while they’ll be very attentive to your needs, make sure to give equally right away so that isn’t a problem later on. If you’re dating a Virgo woman, your best bet is to establish a balanced front quickly because they’ll work themselves to the bone helping you out but won’t step up to say something until the pressure mounts. Don’t just glance at the surface. Remember, Virgo is the “deep earth” sign. Their movement, their chaos, brews well within until it bursts. And if conflicts erupt, remember to always root things back down with a deep breath, a patient ear, and logical discussion! 

What are Virgo's Most Compatible Signs?

When it comes to Virgo most compatible signs, there are a handful that stand out. Some are clear as day, expected matches, like the double whammy of Taurus and Virgo, who play off their dual earth natures. The analytical Virgo blends splendidly with the level-headed Taurus. The powerful rooting nature of their elements makes them both very reasonable. And as they are only four signs in separation, known as a trine in astrology, they’re also in a very balanced placement. 

Virgo and Cancer are also an equally balanced pairing. Cancer is a natural optimist, a dreamer to their core, and they're shooting for the stars but not worrying where they land. While you may not think Cancer is Virgo most compatible sign, the firm logic of Earth is just the ticket for these two energies to supplement their ambitions with reason! And a third trine that stands the test of time is another earth combination. 

Virgo and Capricorn are two opposite ends of this spectrum, one standing proud in the forefront. But behind an ever-brilliant Capricorn is an equally dazzling Virgo helping to support the minute matters. Capricorn is far more ardent socially, allowing them to be a strong face to this power couple’s dynamic. 

What are Virgo's Least Compatible Signs?

When Virgo least compatible signs come to mind, the one that should always stand out is two Virgos side by side. It isn’t that these signs cannot blend together, but the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” comes to mind. Both are fixated on curating a certain environment while tending to harp on the little things. The moment one steps over the other’s line, it leads to a back-and-forth that is so critical that it can devolve into digging up the past.

Meanwhile, fast-moving Sagittarius and reserved Virgo almost always butt heads, not just due to their three-sign separation, which is called square in astrology. It is the fact that Sagittarius’ “do more and think less” attitude will come across as ignorant to our earthly kin. If not ignorant, then at least boorish. But a Sagittarius, who is all passion and shows it, will pin down a Virgo for being cold and dishonest in a heartbeat. It leaves these two to clash often as fire and earth would.

The final Virgo least compatible sign is Gemini. It might seem odd that two easy-going and mellow kin wouldn’t mesh. And the truth is far stranger. It’s actually that they mesh too well. As they are both reserved, you’ll often see this relationship quickly sucked into a toxic cycle of complacency, sticking through it all together because it feels easier than being alone. And because there aren’t any blatant issues but rather a lack of ambition, it can quickly become a tar pit. You won’t see much growth between these two. 

Ask an Astrologer!

Whether dating a Virgo man or Virgo woman, I hope you know now that it isn’t just your sign that counts. It is your disposition and perspective. You can count on a Virgo to think things through before acting. This perhaps makes them one of the easiest signs to date if you can get past the stony exterior. They may be devoted to their dreams, but communication will always be open if you can keep pace and your passion tempered. And don’t forget that your Sun sign alone isn’t what makes or breaks these combinations. With several other heavenly bodies to be mapped in your twelve houses, talking to a Pathforward Psychic Astrologer can offer even more relief from the complexities. Connect with me to dive into your own astrological birth chart to better understand the path your love is winding.


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