Summer Relationship Check-In For Every Zodiac Sign
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Summer Relationship Check-In For Every Zodiac Sign

July 01, 2024 by Psychic Bianca x4171
Looking for an astrological summer vibe check? Psychic Bianca has gotchu!
Looking for an astrological summer vibe check? Psychic Bianca has gotchu!

June ends with a Saturn Retrograde that puts us all in a reflective mood where we ca recommit to being true to ourselves. Whether we are committed to a connection or open to exploring new people, this is the time to consider the most evolved version of our future selves and what will be required to reach that vision. What we do now matters and a conscious, deliberate effort to connect can lead to a much-needed breakthrough in our relationships.


People will want to settle differences with you this summer while you're trying to explore new interests. No one wants conflict, including you, so find ways to release the tension in your body and do what you can to beat the heat that can make anyone cranky. Committing to a spiritual practice will also help you along the path of forgiveness. 


You will finally feel like your reality is aligning with your wishes. Anyone who has not been a part of your progress will regret letting you go. It might bring you satisfaction to know that they are watching closely while you shine. You will be following your happiness with a partner who is truly committed. There is no time to feel sorry for anyone who did not commit when they had a chance. 


Don't let past disappointments hinder the new connections coming your way this summer. You will still have the beautiful life you dream of, and proof of that will reveal itself while you take the time to get to know your potential suitors. The longer you take to get to know them, the clearer it will become if they offer what you truly deserve. 


Being honest will lead to higher commitments to yourself and your partner. It is possible to hold differing points of view and still get along. You are getting better at expressing your own view and reflecting your understanding of others' views. You will be able to express both views clearly and with compassion.  Taking opportunities to speak your mind will open your heart to receive more love and allow you to show your maturity after quite a few lessons in love. 


No one will stop you from bonding with the one you love. As much as those close to you seem to want to interfere and bombard you with their input, you will prove your point by being closer to who you want and keeping your distance from those who simply don't understand. The future holds more peace, but first the people who love you want to see that you are at peace with your decision. 


You are being missed. Someone regrets the choices they made when you were open to communication. They waited in vain for your return. The wait allowed them to reflect on all the interactions that went badly. They are aware of the mistakes they made. This person is mourning the loss of the connection as well as the version of themself that they brought to your attention. They continue to grow and as your decision to separate becomes clearer. They are accepting that the doors to enter your life have closed. 

Summer Love


 You made the right decision about an unhealthy connection a long time ago. Moving toward love will require you to stop fighting the same person or perhaps the same issues. Being vigilant in this case keeps attracting the same issues. It's time to stop rehashing the past and take the lessons forward.


Someone's influence or advice has occupied your mind for too long, whether it was parents or partners. It's time for you to let go and to commit to what is right for you. Your values are just as legitimate as anyone else's, it's time for you to act in your own best interests, regardless of others opinions. 


Moving forward slowly is still moving forward. While some will object, your happiness matters. Having a reliable, stable partner is still possible no matter what resulted from your past decisions. Keep your head up this summer and enjoy the support of the people around you while you get to know people who will be happy to join you. 


This summer will find you being very protective of the one you love. You've always known the power of commitment, but you've seen some things that make you more determined to shield your stability from negative influences. 


The worst part is over. Reliving the challenges of previous connections is delaying your progress. The truth can hurt, and that is true for both parties in any relationship. Your ability to recover and triumph is unmatched and remembering that will put you on the path to victory.  You will get the attention and adoration you deserve as soon as you remember that you deserve it. 


Your ability to manifest will make this summer very exciting. Remember that manifesting can be positive or negative, so don't dwell on disappointments if you don't want to see more of the same. Equally important is to remind yourself that all your manifestations don't have to include other people. Your independence can also be very satisfying. 


Summer ends with another Mercury Retrograde. which can present challenges. But being mindful during the current months and preparing for possible setbacks will keep you on track in your connections

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