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Mystic Markings: Exploring Spiritual Tattoos

March 28, 2023 by PathForward

It can be assumed that tattoos are a universal language and are most often used as symbolism for a much deeper meaning than portrayed on the surface. For example, modern society often uses tattoos to express spiritual beliefs. However, what qualifies as a spiritual tattoo? With so many beliefs and spiritual systems worldwide, a spiritual tattoo can have different meanings for different people. The unique thing about tattoos is that you can create a design exclusive to you. There is also an aspect of this type of art that touches on the very foundation of the universe. Tattoos have long been a way to communicate and symbolize art, culture, rites, and rituals. The personal value of body markings is subjective and solely dependent on the individual. Some opt for more traditional tattoos, such as a name or a birthday, while others lean more toward spiritual symbolism and meaningful spiritual tattoos.

What is a Spiritual Tattoo?

Tattoos have become increasingly popular; however, how tattoos are used today differs greatly from body markings centuries ago. The meaning of spiritual tattoos has taken on a modern approach as the world has evolved within the “Information Age.” In today’s society, tattoos are used to make a statement, and it is all about individuality and a deeper meaning. Popularity, when it comes to tattoos, spans all age ranges and genders. And though, from one perspective, tattoos can be a bit controversial, they can also be powerful, artistic, and downright creative. The meaning of spiritual tattoos can take on an almost taboo representation, with some opting for more modest markings such as the “infinity” symbol or the “Om” symbol. 

The exact time in history when tattoos were first introduced remains a mystery because every time there’s a major human archeological discovery, there is evidence of ink on the skin, and the dates keep reaching further and further back in time. Tattoos have a bizarre history, and different cultures used them differently. For example, the Chinese used tattoos as a form of punishment, while the ancient Egyptians used tattoos as practical magic and to identify people, especially women, as divine beings. Many modern spiritual tattoo ideas originated from ancient symbolism and sigil.

There are so many options to choose from regarding spiritual tattoo ideas. The following are just some ideas that are beautiful yet symbolic:


Infinity Tattoo

infinity tattoo

To some, this is merely a mathematical symbol. However, a rich and magical symbolism is associated with the infinity symbol. This mythical symbol comes from the Uraeus (The coiled cobra), a symbol of the goddess Wadjet. The Ancient Egyptians believed that this symbol represented power and our endless lessons in this life and the next. There are many versions of this symbol throughout history and different cultures.


Yin Yang Tattoo

yin yang tattoo

The Yin Yang symbol has roots in an ancient Chinese timekeeping system. The ancient Chinese used this symbol to measure time throughout the lunar year. This is also a symbol heavily used in the spiritual belief system Taoism. The idea of Yin Yang is simple. Life is a constantly changing cycle, and this symbol often represents the pursuit of balance in life.


The Flower of Life Tattoo

sacred geometry tattoo

The Flower of Life is a symbol that has had many renditions worldwide. It is an ancient geometric symbol consisting of 19 overlapping circles, which make up an even bigger circle that, at first glance, resembles a large flower. This symbol is often referred to as sacred geometry and is associated with the “Metatron's cube.” The Flower of life is a physical representation of life as we know it and a reminder that life and all the surrounding energy originate from a single source.


Ankh Tattoo

anhk tattoo

The Ankh symbol represented the highest vibration of eternal life and was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph translating to the English word “life.” The ancient Egyptians held this symbol in high honor, which is why it can be found in several Egyptian texts and within the tombs of pharaohs. This symbol has also been revered as power and abundance.

Om Tattoo

om tattoo ohm tattoo

Om is a mantra and an invocation in the Hinduism spiritual belief system. In Indian religion, Om is the sound vibration of God and is a highly religious symbol said to be the first vibration of creation. The Buddhism belief system has a strong affinity to Om as this mantra is chanted and affirms that “we all are God.”


Astrological Zodiac Signs Tattoos

zodiac tattoo

Astrology has gained so much popularity over the past few decades, and society has developed a bit of a cult following regarding their individual zodiac star sign. Your zodiac sign reflects individuality within your personality, and this spiritual tattoo idea is perfect if you are an Astrology lover.

Talk to a Psychic about Spiritual Symbols and Spiritual Tattoos

To some, tattoos aren’t just ink on a body. They are a way of life. This art form acts as a portal into who someone is as an individual. A meaningful spiritual tattoo solely depends on your lifestyle, culture, and the statement you want to make to the world. So, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, I challenge you to find the art that speaks to your soul and always remember the meaning of spiritual tattoos is just as important as the imagery, and to most, a picture is worth a thousand words. And if you're curious about the spiritual meaning of a tattoo prior to getting inked, talk to a trusted Psychic here at PathForward! We can shed some insight on how the symbol will work for you and your energy.

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