4 Appropriate Strategies for Thwarting a Backstabber
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4 Appropriate Strategies for Thwarting a Backstabber

January 07, 2018
Is there a backstabber lurking in your life?
Is there a backstabber lurking in your life?

Maybe your backstabber is a gossiping friend or a coworker set on sabotaging you at work. Regardless of the specific circumstances, backstabbers share certain characteristics. Learning to spot them and then to thwart them will help you avoid the drama and the risk of having your life negatively affected by a dishonest person filled with ill will.

Keep an Eye Out for Signs

Almost every backstabber displays similar signs and personality traits. Backstabbers know all the gossip, no matter where you interact with them. They know everything going on where they work, live, shop, and go to school. No secret is safe. They're fair weather friends, and they only want it to seem like you're close so that you'll confess things. They're flattering and often charismatic because they want you to trust them. However, they're the type to throw you under the bus if something goes wrong and to tell your deepest, darkest secrets if they feel threatened or insecure.

Trust Your Instincts

It's important to trust your instincts around a backstabber. Naturally, it's better to avoid people like this, but that's not always possible. You may work together, live near each other, or even be part of the same family. You'll have to deal with the person civilly but without revealing anything about yourself.

Discuss the behavior you're seeing or any experiences you've had during an online psychic reading. Your psychic can help you confirm your suspicions and figure out how to avoid becoming fodder for your backstabber's cutting remarks and mean actions.

Don't Give Them Ammunition

Never give a potential backstabber any ammunition to use against you. Avoid talking about yourself beyond a superficial level. Don't share goals, personal stories, or any problems you're having, not unless you want everyone else to know what's happening in your life.

Don't engage in that kind of behavior, either. If you gossip, cut others down, and act catty, a backstabber will not only feed on it, but he or she will also repeat the things you've said. He or she comes off looking honest and contrite, but you'll seem like a mean person. You're not mean, so take the high road. Don't gossip about others, and don't betray others.

Take the Direct Approach

It's never a good idea to confront a backstabber since they thrive on negative attention. However, you should talk to someone who has betrayed you. Take a more direct approach. This puts you in control of the situation. You can set the tone and create a calm, polite, matter-of-fact environment. Don't make accusations; just ask straightforward questions.

You can get live psychic advice to help you here. In addition to learning about the best time to do this and how it might go, your psychic can help you assert yourself and stand strong while speaking to someone who keeps trying to hurt you. Ask for an explanation of their behavior and most backstabbers feel taken aback. They'll usually answer honestly out of surprise, and that sets the scene for an open dialogue.

Has anyone ever betrayed you? What did you do?

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