4 Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Environment
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4 Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Environment

April 19, 2021
Banish negative energy from your surroundings by burning sage.
Banish negative energy from your surroundings by burning sage.

You want your personal space to act as a refuge. Let's face it, sometimes mopping, scrubbing, or de-cluttering just doesn't cut it. Here's how to turn your home into the welcoming, calming sanctuary it deserves to be.

Place Crystals in Your Home

Think of crystals as earth's gift to you. These stones have beneficial vibrational properties. Crystals like black tourmaline can help clear out negative energy and work as a protective grid when placed in every corner of a room. You'll send those bad vibes packing in no time — black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from people and things, blocking negativity from entering your space.

You can even place black tourmaline near devices like your phone, TV, or laptop as it can absorb electromagnetic energy too, all while easing depression and anxiety. Just don't forget to cleanse your crystals regularly so they stay activated.

Recite Prayers or Mantras

You'll find references to prayers or mantras in a variety of religions, and with good reason. Powerful sayings, phrases, affirmations, or poems can ward off negative energies and thoughts.

The exact words you say will depend a lot on your personal beliefs, so look for something that fits your faith or just seems like you. Feeling adrift in a sea of not-quite-right sayings? You can speak with a Psychic Advisor for help finding a mantra that works for your needs.

Burn Sage, Smudge Sticks, or Incense

Or, you know all, of the above! Any of these tools can get your environment in a squeaky-clean spiritual state. Pro-tip: You can also burn cedar, lavender, Palo Santo incense, or sweetgrass to cleanse negative energies from a space.

Native Americans began this sacred practice, and no matter what you choose to burn, you'll want to conduct the ceremony with care and respect. To start, grab your chosen herbs, matches, a candle, a fireproof container, and a bowl of sand (you'll use that last item for post-ceremony extinguishing). Then, focus your energy, light the herbs, and wait for smoldering to start.

As the smoke flows, slowly walk around your space in a clockwise motion, wafting smoke around you as you go. To end the ceremony, extinguish your sage or other herbs (gently!) in the bowl of sand. 

Use Salt Cleansing in Corners and Windows

Whether you're contending with literal demons or you're stuck manifesting your fears and traumas into negative energy, salt cleansing goes a long way. This ancient tradition served as a classic method for getting rid of ghosts and other evil spirits, and it'll serve you well when you need to cleanse your surroundings.

So, grab the salt, and simply pour about a half-inch layer along windowsills, vents, fireplaces, and the floor under your doors. If you're chilling in one spot for a while and want some extra protection, you can also build a circle of salt around you in the same way.

Negativity is no match for you once you have these cleansing tricks in your rotation. If you need help pinpointing the source of those negative vibes, have a chat with a Psychic Advisor for more insight into how to take back control.


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