Confronting a Friend About a Bad Decision

Confronting a Friend About a Bad Decision

March 04, 2018
Should you confront your friend?
Should you confront your friend?
It's easy to stick by your friends when things are going well, but it's much harder to do so when a good pal does something that's a little, well, morally ambiguous. If a friend confesses to you that she's cheating on her boyfriend, skipping out on her work or getting into trouble with drugs or alcohol, should you try to tell her that you think she's doing something wrong? Are you a better friend for supporting her through anything without judgement, or is it your duty to tell her you think she's heading down a bad path?

While it's certainly uncomfortable to do so, it's important to let your friend know that you don't condone her bad behavior. Still, you shouldn't be condescending. Say something like, "I love you, but are you really sure that starting an affair is the right thing to do?" Or, "I care about you, which is why I don't want to see you get mixed up with drugs."

It's not always easy to get people off of a bad path, especially when they're determined to make their own mistakes. But if you truly care about your friend, it's important to stand up and try to guide her.

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