Dealing with a Rude Landlord

Dealing with a Rude Landlord

April 23, 2017
Is your landlord a jerk?
Is your landlord a jerk?
It sucks having to deal with jerks, but it's even worse when those jerks are in a position of power over you. From a mean boss to a cruel coach, taking orders from somebody who's a downright oaf is a major downer. What about when the horrible person in question has the authority to literally throw you out onto the street? What should you do when you're stuck with a nightmare landlord?

Renting an apartment is costly - hundreds of dollars a month just to have a roof over your head! And when things don't work well in your pad - broken dishwasher, leaky ceiling, no hot water - it's not unreasonable to expect that your landlord will be able to deal with it efficiently and quickly. Some landlords, however, can't seem to muster up the time and energy to actually do their jobs. Some might even try to blame the damage on you!

If your landlord is making your life hell, is it time to move out? Should you get legal help involved to recoup your losses? Or is this whole thing just a big misunderstanding, one that your landlord will happily clear up as soon as you clarify what you're asking for?

If you're not sure, contact a psychic. Our gifted psychics can use their talents to see if you're better off under a new landlord, or if your space is worth the occasional spat with the management.

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