Fading Friendships

Fading Friendships

March 31, 2019
Not all friendships last forever.
Not all friendships last forever.
A common proverb states that there are three types of friends: Those who come into your life for a season, those who come for a reason and those who come for a lifetime. Friendship is precious, but of course, not all friends are forever. What should you do if you feel like a close pal is starting to slip away?

Before you start throwing blame, remember that sometimes friends just drift apart. You may be developing different interests, meeting new people or realizing that you just didn't have all that much in common to begin with. Don't try to force a friendship if neither of your hearts are in it, but it never hurts to invite your erstwhile pal out to lunch or dinner a few times a month to keep the relationship alive. And don't forget that you can always call - you'll be surprised how much old friends can be there for you if you need them.

If you're worried that you might have done something to bring about the end of the friendship, you can try to salvage it. If you know what's bothering your buddy, address it and apologize. If you're the party scorned, it's up to you to forgive or not.

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