Getting Your Roommate to Respect Your Space

Getting Your Roommate to Respect Your Space

February 17, 2018
Getting along with your roommate can be tough.
Getting along with your roommate can be tough.
Living with a roommate is tough, but it's a necessity for many 20-somethings who can't quite afford their own places yet. Having someone to share your space can be a major asset - you've got a movie companion, built-in dinner date and somebody to help share the cleaning duties. Still, not all roomie relationships were made in heaven. If your living situation is starting to feel more like roommate hell, you might need to speak up.

Confronting a roommate is a tough thing to do, especially if you see each other everyday, but it has to be done when she doesn't even realize that she's being inconsiderate. Is she a slob who never picks up her dishes? Don't let things escalate - mention your feelings early on, so she knows that you don't enjoy a sink full of dirty bowls and plates. She may need an occasional reminder, but if you wait until things reach a boiling point, you won't be able to calmly articulate yourself and feelings will end up getting hurt.

Does your roomie have no sense of your personal space? If she's constantly barging through your closed door to talk to you about the latest trivial details of her life after you've just gotten home from an exhausting day at work, you'll need to tell her that you appreciate your private time. This can be tricky to do without hurting her feelings, so again, don't wait until you can't take it any more - mention it gently when you first start to feel irritated.

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