Is Your House Haunted? Here's How To Tell
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Is Your House Haunted? Here's How To Tell

October 25, 2021 by PathForward
Sure, your house may not LOOK haunted, but are those flickering lights and other weird occurrences actually ghosts?
Sure, your house may not LOOK haunted, but are those flickering lights and other weird occurrences actually ghosts?

Help! My house is haunted! Sound familiar? Here's how to find out if your suspicions are true.

How to Tell if Your House Is Haunted

You finally have some free time on your hands, and you're settling in for some serious self-care. You light a few candles. You put on soothing music. Then —

The temperature drops. The candles flicker. And you find yourself on the phone with your BFF for what seems like the millionth time this week, whispering, "Is there a ghost in my house?!"

Even if most ghost encounters don't look quite like what the movies portray, you might come across some weirdness in your house or apartment that has you wondering if you're living with an unwanted roomie. Here are some ways to tell:

You Notice Temperature Changes

Unpredictable temperature shifts are one surefire sign an otherworldly presence has taken up residence in your space. Ghosts need energy, so they pull it from the environment around them in the form of heat. For all us non-ghosts, that feels like heat draining from the world around us.

Your Technology Has Some Weird Glitches

Strange technological glitches can also signify a ghostly presence. Flickering lights, ringing phones that answer to silence, or a TV or computer turning itself off and on are all classic signs. Because ghosts exist in another dimension, they look for conduits to make contact with people around them. Electricity offers a great pathway for ghosts to show they're around.

Things Smell... Off

Hauntings often come with somewhat-familiar scents, but in strange contexts. You may notice smells like perfume or tobacco when you haven't used either one. If something smells a little funky, sure, check the trash first. But you might also want to check for other signs of ghosts.

Objects Move or Sounds Occur

Poltergeists that choose to make themselves known pack the drama, but they're also pretty rare. Still, thumping on the stairs and doors that swing open, or subtle changes like moved photographs, can represent physical shifts caused by ghosts.

Your Pets Make Contact

Animals can pick up on smells, sounds, and other things that humans can't detect. Pets tend to gravitate toward areas where paranormal entities make their presence known, so you might find your cat or dog reacting to things you can't see if there's a ghost hanging around. You can even ask a friend to bring over their pet if you don't have one to see if they're drawn to, avoiding, or reacting to areas where you suspect you have a haunting.

A Psychic Medium Connects With Spirits

Speaking with a Psychic Medium can give you insight into just what's happening in your space. After all, cold spots could be drafts or air conditioners blowing air through vents. Flickering lights could be a faulty electrical connection. Thumping sounds could be weird plumbing, and so on. A Psychic Medium can connect with ghosts that are around, or help figure out if there's a non-paranormal explanation to the signs you notice.

If you're constantly wondering, "Is my house haunted?" it's time for some Psychic Advice. Connect with a PathForward Psychic today to find out if your house is haunted.



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