Keeping a Happy Home in 2021
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Keeping a Happy Home in 2021

December 21, 2020
You didn't expect to add "homeschool teacher" to your resume, but today's reality comes with a whole slew of new challenges.
You didn't expect to add "homeschool teacher" to your resume, but today's reality comes with a whole slew of new challenges.

Oh, 2020. Everyone's least-favorite year certainly changed family dynamics. Parenting during COVID has created a unique set of challenges, and whether you're part of a single-parent household, a blended family, or anything in between, navigating this new normal has been a rollercoaster of emotion.

Challenge #1: Not Being Able to See Loved Ones

Just about everyone is feeling cut off from family and friends these days. If you're craving time with your besties, rest assured the kids feel the same. And if your own parents or siblings live across the country, you're probably all dealing with bouts of loneliness.

Tip #1: Get Creative to Stay Connected

Share photos with long-distance relatives, or have a socially distant movie night "sleepover" for your kiddo's friends. Set up the streaming service, grab the popcorn, and enjoy some much-needed togetherness, even if you're far apart. You can use Zoom or FaceTime as another way to catch up whenever you're feeling down.

Challenge #2: Seeing Far Too Much of Other Family

On the other hand, we know you're seeing your kids (and maybe your partner) ... every ... single ... moment. Big meeting on Zoom? Someone needs a snack. Time to dive into that important document? Too bad, because remote learning's gone awry. We get it, you love your family, but this is ... a lot.

Tip #2: Schedule and Communicate

Schedule who needs to be where at what time, and make sure everyone's comfortable being open about their needs. Oh, and plan for some alone time. Indulge in a good book or just a mug of tea in silence. You can even check your horoscope for insight about how to get your schedules to mesh.

Challenge #3: Kids Are Out of School

But they still need to somehow learn! Suddenly it seems like every single mom, stepmom, all the moms, and a good number of dads have become full-time homeschoolers. Kids feel adrift without their usual schedules, and you have sooo much to do.

Tip #3: Exercise Patience and Grace

Sometimes, you need to lay down the law. Other times, it's fine to let your kid sleep in or have ice cream for lunch if the stress is getting to them. Just remember to afford yourself the same patience and grace you give your loved ones.

Challenge #4: Difficulties Interacting With Your Partner Due to Stress

Look, life is stressful and relationships are tough even when we're not in the midst of a global pandemic. It's no wonder you find yourself snapping at your partner (or vice versa) while you're struggling to keep the kids happy and ideally somewhat educated. You're not alone if you're afraid. You're not alone if you're longing for simpler times when you could drop your kid with a sitter and go out for some couple's time, either.

Tip #4: Have an At-Home Date Night

Even if you just dress up for dinner at home, you can reserve time to rekindle your relationship. Cook your favorite fancy meal or just order in, light a few candles, and give yourselves an excuse to enjoy a little romance.

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