We Need to Talk: How to Express Your Psychic Beliefs to Your Loved Ones
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We Need to Talk: How to Express Your Psychic Beliefs to Your Loved Ones

September 15, 2023 by PathForward
Sharing your psychic beliefs can be hard, but doing so is vital for your mental and spiritual well-being.
Sharing your psychic beliefs can be hard, but doing so is vital for your mental and spiritual well-being.

Hearing "we need to talk" can make anyone feel on edge, so saying it to your loved ones to start a discussion about your psychic beliefs can be challenging. Luckily, having this discussion doesn't have to be difficult if you have a plan, communicate clearly, and remain true to your beliefs. We've put together this guide to give you some ideas on how you might approach this topic and help your loved ones better understand the real you.

Expressing Your Psychic Beliefs to Your Loved Ones

It can be difficult to speak about your beliefs with your loved ones because everyone has different beliefs. It can be especially hard to discuss your psychic beliefs — even more so if anyone in your circle is firmly against the existence of psychic phenomena. Creating a plan and thinking about what your loved ones might say can help you better prepare for sharing this part of yourself with them.

Talking about your beliefs and creating a plan with a life coach or spiritual counselor can help you flesh out how to approach this discussion with your loved ones. They can also help you develop a clear course of action and a straightforward approach to the conversation, which can make talking about it easier. Having this support system while planning a discussion about your beliefs can also help you better navigate this time emotionally and spiritually because you have an outlet to talk to.

Importance of Remaining True to Yourself

Staying true to yourself and your beliefs can help you stand firm when faced with doubt. Not conforming to what others want your life to look like can also help you be happier. Remaining true to yourself enables you to truly stand up for yourself and advocate for your beliefs. Just like not everyone is going like you, not everyone is going to jump on board with your beliefs, and it's important to acknowledge that's okay.

Remaining your authentic self also helps you foster trust in your choices. Trusting yourself builds confidence, which can help you better discuss your beliefs when that time comes.

Damage of Keeping Secrets

When it comes to your discussion, it may seem easier to keep your beliefs a secret to avoid confrontation, disbelief, and damage to your relationships. But keeping them a secret can be just as damaging. Research shows that keeping secrets can take its toll on your health by boosting stress hormones, impacting blood pressure, and affecting sleep patterns. Keeping secrets can also affect your mental health, resulting in anxiety and depression. Stress can make existing chronic conditions worse or lead to new health problems.

How To Share Your Psychic Beliefs

While the exact method you choose to share your beliefs can vary, creating a game plan for this discussion can help you confidently relay your beliefs to those you hold dear. Here are some steps to consider when sharing these beliefs:

Carefully Choose Who You Want To Share With

Choosing who to share with and when can mean the difference between a successful discussion and one that results in emotional outbursts and hurt feelings. This doesn't mean keeping your beliefs a secret forever, just that you might have this discussion in phases.

For example, you might first share your beliefs with those you know will support you regardless of whether their beliefs align with yours. Then, you can move forward with having this discussion with those who might have stronger feelings against your beliefs and include those you've already had this discussion with to act as a buffer and help answer questions or provide reassurance.

Think About Where You Want To Have This Discussion

Being comfortable in your environment goes a long way toward having a productive conversation. You want to ensure that your environment is comfortable for you and others. For example, you wouldn't want to have this conversation in the middle of a busy restaurant or bustling coffee shop. Not only is this not conducive to a quality conversation, but since you're sharing your vulnerabilities, you might not feel comfortable doing this where anyone can overhear the conversation.

Build a Support System

Having a quality support system, such as the Psychics at PathForward, goes a long way toward helping you share your beliefs. We can act as a buffer during your conversations, be a sympathetic ear to your concerns and struggles, and celebrate you when it comes to your victories and experiences. Life is not meant to be experienced alone, and that goes for sharing your beliefs with others, too.

Establish Boundaries

Like staying true to yourself, establishing boundaries during the course of the discussion can help it remain on topic and prevent unnecessary outbursts of emotion. Boundaries can also help you protect your inner self and promote your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Many People Already Believe in Psychics

Research has shown that over a third of the population believes in psychic phenomena, including extrasensory perception. This means one-third of your loved ones might already have some foundation of faith in your beliefs, which can make it easier to talk about them and establish your support group. One study found that "psychic belief was associated with greater life satisfaction, demonstrating benefits associated with psychic beliefs and highlighting the role of both cognitive and noncognitive factors in understanding these individual differences."

Talking about your psychic beliefs doesn't have to be a negative experience and can actually help you find like-minded people who are already a part of your inner circle. Having a support system and staying true to your beliefs and inner self can help you have a productive conversation about your beliefs so your loved ones can better know the real you.

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