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4 Signs He'll Really Leave His Wife for You

May 17, 2022
Are you caught in a love triangle?
Are you caught in a love triangle?

4 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

It’s not usually a good idea to get in a relationship with a man that’s married, but sometimes it’s okay if you know his marriage is ending. So, what makes a man leave his wife for another woman? Overall dissatisfaction with his marriage or resentment from the past are both common reasons why he would leave. Or perhaps he’s been feeling an emotional disconnect with his wife and needs to feel validated once again. If he’s especially excited about exploring a new relationship outside of his marriage, he and his wife could have grown apart – which happens! Delving into his perspective before getting in too deep will help you look for the signs a married man cares for you on a deeper level. How to know if a married man wants you can be confusing and complicated and, of course, it’s hard to know when he will leave his wife. If you want things to work out, take a look at these four signs a married man is truly in love with you.

1. He Consistently Chooses You Over His Wife

Dating a man that hasn’t ended his marriage comes with all sorts of complications, especially if his wife doesn’t know that he’s in another relationship. Married men have a lot of time commitments, and it’s even worse if he has children. Your man is not going to leave his wife for you if he doesn’t already spend all of his free time with you. You don’t truly know what he’s saying to his wife, but it’s a sign he’s ready to leave if he always chooses to be with you over everything else. An online psychic can also help you pick up on other signs of if he's ready to leave his wife or not.

2. He Doesn’t Hide When He’s in Public with You

If your man no longer cares about what other people think of your relationship, it’s a sign that he’s ready to leave his wife for you. Men in affairs are typically hesitant to be in public with you until they’re truly ready to move on and get a divorce. After all, you never know who you are going to bump into, and rumors spread quickly. It’s a very good sign if he’s not hiding anymore.

3. He is Talking to You About Finances

Getting divorced is expensive, and this goes far beyond the initial costs. When he leaves his wife, alimony and child support become major financial stressors. You know he’s serious about leaving his wife if he starts discussing financial matters with you and is looking for ways to make a divorce work. Just be careful that he’s not interested in you only for your money.

4. He Cares About Your Feelings, Not Just Intimacy

Sometimes men have affairs to bring some excitement into their lives. If all your man wants is to be romantic and intimate, he isn’t ready to leave his wife. He is just using you to satisfy his selfish appetites. Your man must be committed to your relationship and satisfied with talking and being together without an intimate setting. Once he shows signs that he wants to be around you and cares about your feelings at all times, it’s a good sign he will leave his wife for you soon.

These are just a few signs that he’s going to leave his wife for you; a love psychic can help you recognize others. Of course, you can never celebrate until it actually happens. You can encourage him and give him ultimatums, but he has to make the ultimate decision. If you don’t see any of these signs, he’s probably not serious about leaving, even if he tells you he is.

Signs A Married Man Is Using You

Feeling used? How to know if a married man is using you can be confusing, but there are ways to decipher between a lover and a player. A man who truly loves you and plans for a future wouldn't delay leaving his wife. He'd take action by starting the divorce process or being open about your relationship. Whether it's ill-intent or not, there are reasons why someone may not have real plans to leave his wife. He may be afraid of losing stability, fear breakup confrontation, or, sadly, doesn't want to lose out on the sexual pleasures of your time together. It's important to recognize the signs a married man is using you so you can stop wasting time on a relationship that's destined for nowhere – girl, you deserve better!

Excuses, Excuses, and More Excuses

Is there always some reason why he can’t get a divorce? One day it’s because his wife is sick, and the next is that he has too many financial responsibilities. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that he plans to keep you on the side for as long as you will allow it. If he’s always making excuses, these are sure signs he won’t leave his wife for you anytime soon.

He’s Only Interested in Sex

Does he make an effort to spend time with you outside of the bedroom? If not, he’s just using you for sex. If he doesn’t take you on dates, and only seems interested in R rated conversations, he’s just in it for the hanky-panky. You deserve so much better as sex is not and will never be how to make a guy leave his wife for you.

He Acts Like a Married Man

If your man is still posting pics on his socials with his wife and family, going on vacations, and wearing his ring around you, this is a clear sign that he still loves his wife. A man who is seeking to divorce his wife wouldn’t be so invested in his marriage. If he’s still acting married, it’s because he is, and there is a good chance he will leave you, not his wife.

He Doesn’t Take Pictures

Does he avoid taking selfies? Or asks that you don’t tag him in social media posts? These are clear signs he won’t leave his wife and wants to keep you and his indiscretion a secret.

He Isn’t in a Rush to Leave

Talk is cheap. And when he keeps saying he’s going to leave but not taking action, one must wonder – is he really getting a divorce? Chances are he’s not ready or has no intention of leaving his wife any time soon. So, how long to wait for a married man to leave? Getting advice from an expert who is well-versed in best practices is always recommended

Get a Psychic Reading

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