4 Ways to Tell If It's a Fling or the Real Deal
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4 Ways to Tell If It's a Fling or the Real Deal

September 07, 2020
Get some insight into your new relationship so you can find out if it's the real deal.

If you truly want to tell if he's in it for more than just fun, you can get some insight through a trusted psychic source. Here at PathForward, you can ask questions, find relationship advice, and gain some understanding of what to expect in your new relationship.

If you're looking for some telltale signs that can help you answer is it love or not, here are some simple ways for you to tell if he's into more than just a fling.

He Contacts You First

If he calls you first, sends you texts first, or just plain makes contact first, he's definitely looking for more than just a short-term thing. If he's communicating with you on a regular basis — like more than once a week — it means you're on his mind. A lot. If it were truly just a fling, this wouldn't be the case. So if he's reaching out to you first, and he's the first one to call back, it's for real.

He Communicates Openly

Do you notice if he talks about what he's thinking? If he shares his thoughts and ideas with you openly, and you're both comfortable with deep and honest conversation, it shows that you're connecting with each other on a deeper level than just a physical relationship. You have a mutual and strong emotional connection there, along with healthy trust and friendship, which are three characteristics of a healthy long-term relationship. This kind of deep emotional connection points to more than just a fling.

He Cares If Your Friends Like Him

A guy who's just in it for fun won't care what your friends or family thinks of him. That's because short-term flings don't evolve into deeper connections that lead to meeting your inner circle. But if he's a little anxious or nervous about what your bestie will think when you guys all meet up for lunch, this not only shows that he cares what your friends think but also that he cares about presenting himself in the best light for you. This is definitely a sign that there is more to your relationship than just shallow feelings.

He Says "We" When Talking About the Future

If he talks about the future and says "we" instead of "me," he's definitely thinking long-term. Even if it's a simple statement like, "I wonder where we should go on vacation," this shows that he's thinking about you and him together down the road. This is a healthy sign that there is more to come.

There are always subtle signs and clues into human behavior and desire, and when you consult privately with an experienced psychic, you'll find even more insight into building a strong and fulfilling relationship.

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