5 Red Flags Your Partner is Miserable
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

5 Red Flags Your Partner is Miserable

July 15, 2019
Feeling distant? This could be an indication of your partner's unhappiness.
Feeling distant? This could be an indication of your partner's unhappiness.

Have you ever had the feeling that something was off in your relationship, but couldn’t quite tell why? Sometimes unhappy partners hide the obvious signs that something’s amiss. They might not even realize themselves that they’re unhappy, but if you look closely the signs are there.

They Don’t Want to Work Through Arguments

Every relationship has minor arguments from time to time, that’s just part of being human. It might seem like not arguing is a good thing, but it could be a sign that your partner has mentally checked out. Instead of working through issues with you, they may have given up. If you have the feeling they might be losing interest, finding a real psychic can keep you from playing the guessing game and you can get real answers.

They’re Spending More Time Away From You

Does your partner seem to be more involved in hobbies than before, spending more time with friends, or working late? Maybe you used to text each other throughout the day, but now takes longer and longer for them to reply. This could be a sign that they aren’t happy with the relationship and rather than deal with it, they look for an escape. In a healthy relationship both people have outside friends and interests, but if your once couch-potato husband is now rarely home, it’s a red flag.

They Start Obsessively Acquiring Things

It’s thought that the more materialistic people are, the more unhappy they are in their romantic relationships. If you see a sudden change in how much your partner values their stuff or an increase in the amount of things they buy, it could be a sign of unhappiness. Buying more and more things is a way some people cope with unhappiness, so if your partner suddenly goes on a spending spree, watch out.

They Use More Sarcasm

Sarcasm is a form of contempt, and if your partner starts making more sarcastic comments than usual it's a clear sign that all is not well. Even if their sarcasm isn’t directed at you all the time, an increase in sarcastic comments is a sign of general unhappiness with the relationship. Also watch out for other, related signs like eye rolling or hurtful jokes at your expense.

They Nit-Pick You

If your partner seems to constantly point out every little flaw and mistake you do, he may be trying to project his unhappiness on you. Instead of directly saying they are unhappy, they look for negatives that may or may not exist to try to make you unhappy too. If your once easygoing partner now has you walking on eggshells, something is very wrong.

If you notice any of these red flags, it’s not too late to repair your relationship and make your partner happy. Look to an authentic psychic for advice, it’s never been easier. Psychics are available over the phone and in person and you can even chat with a psychic online. You’ll learn a lot about your relationship and you’ll be in a better position to fix things.

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