5 Signs It's Lust, Not Love
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5 Signs It's Lust, Not Love

October 22, 2019
Lust and love can feel similar, but there are some differences.
Lust and love can feel similar, but there are some differences.

Lust and love can look very similar, especially in the early days of a relationship. While you may feel very strong feelings for your partner, it’s important to slow down and identify the source of your infatuation before you rush forward, certain that he’s the one. These cues will help you distinguish true love from the momentary rush of lust.

Your Desires are Strongly Based on Sexual Feelings

Lust is all about physical desires. You’re deeply attracted to the other person, but your feelings are based primarily on their appearance. Ask yourself what you like most about the other person. If your answers are based primarily on how they look, smell, dress, and walk, there’s a good chance that you’re still feeling the rush of lust.

You’re More Interested in Physical Pleasures than Mental or Emotional Satisfaction

When you plan an afternoon with this person, do you anticipate a lively discussion of politics, an inspiring trip to the museum, or a long satisfying dinner exploring new dishes together? Are you most excited to pick your partner’s brain or learn more about his history? If these experiences come second to physical pleasures and lustful satisfaction, you’re probably not in the love zone yet.

You Want to Know How They’ll Act More than How They’ll Think

You’re getting ready for a special night together. Are you anticipating your partner’s physical actions when he sees what you have planned, or are you wondering what he’ll think and feel about your date? The type of stimulation you’re after is a good indicator on the lust vs. love scale. Love doesn’t exclude physical pleasures, it simply balances them. If you need help assessing the situation, consider speaking with a live psychic.

Your Time Together Offers an Exhilarating Rush

If you anticipate the adrenaline rush of seeing your partner, you’re probably experience the early feelings of lust that kick off most relationships. As your relationship deepens to love, you’ll still have much to look forward to together, but it will probably feel more like a soothing ride through the country than a speeding lap around a racetrack. In love, you anticipate a sense of security, stability, and long-term fulfillment. The pleasures of lust, however, are much more fleeting.

You’re a New Couple

Almost every relationship begins with lust before love. The fact that you’re experiencing lust doesn’t mean that you won’t fall in love with someone, it just means that you’re not quite there yet. Lustful stages of a relationship are great fun, but they’re no time to make life changing decisions. If you’re caught in a whirlwind relationship and wondering what path to take from here, consider getting a psychic reading by phone. This impartial and insightful third-party can give you some excellent guidance.

If you’re experiencing the thrill of a satisfying relationship, there’s no reason to break away, even if you are in lust. Simply embrace each stage of your relationship for what it is and do everything in the appropriate moment.

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