Should I Ask Him Out? 6 Signs to Go for It!
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Should I Ask Him Out? 6 Signs to Go for It!

February 02, 2024 by Pathforward

Have you had your eye on someone, and instead of making the first move, you just tortured yourself with the question of “Should I ask him out?” It's not uncommon for two people who like each other to get nervous about asking for a date. But come on. It's the 21st century! It's okay for you to ask the guy out. What if he turns you down, you ask? If you're noticing these signs, it's more likely that he will say yes to a date.

1. He Frequently Texts You

If he texts a lot just to say things like, "Hey, what's up?" it's the equivalent of saying, "I'm thinking about you and really enjoy talking to you." He's trying to get your attention. Don't be afraid to give it to him if you like him. Next time he texts, suggest that you talk in person over a cup of coffee or meet up for lunch. 

2. You Accidentally Touch When You're Together

This may seem like such a small factor in the grand scheme of things, but people who like each other tend to literally gravitate toward one another. When you're near each other, do you find that you frequently bump into each other or that you accidentally touch hands? And when there's an electricity pulsing through the touch, does he seem nervous or overly apologetic? This is a huge sign that he likes you but is simply nervous. Keep an eye out for other body language clues that he’s into you too.

3. You Catch Him Looking at You During the Day

You probably throw a few glances his way every now and then, and be honest, it's because you like him and can't stop thinking about him. If you catch him looking at you frequently too, it's probably not because you have something permanently stuck in your teeth. It's because he likes you!

4. Your Friends Insist He Likes You

A third-party opinion is always a valuable one, especially when your emotions for a guy are clouding your judgement. If your friends--and your love psychic--have a feeling that he's into you, it's probably because he is.

5. He's Almost Asked You Out

If you've ever been in a conversation where it felt like he was about to ask you out and then changed the subject at the last second, that's probably exactly what happened. Or maybe he's tried to ask you out but invited you to a group outing with friends or coworkers instead. He likely wants some alone time with you but is too nervous to make the move. Now it's your turn to step up to the plate. Just don't chicken out like he has!

6. You Really Want To

So what if he may not be showing signs of wanting to date you? He's single, right? As long as you want to date him, it doesn't hurt to ask. Shake off the nerves and just do it! If you need a quick pep talk, call a phone psychic for a third-party opinion and get some insight into your personal situation.

So if you are seeing signs that he wants you to ask him out, make your move. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative in dating. All the time you waste on being nervous could be time spent going on your first date instead. You never know until you ask!



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