Choosing Between Two Men

Choosing Between Two Men

April 23, 2018
Which one should you choose?
Which one should you choose?
Lots of gals think that having two men fighting for their affection would be a dream come true, but the reality is far less exciting than romantic comedies might have you believe. Being torn between two great guys is tough, and leaves a gal without any good options. Either way, someone is going to end up getting hurt. How can you be sure you pick the right guy, without letting the other one down too hard?

It may sound corny, but there's really only one course of action when it comes to choosing a guy: Follow your heart. Although your mind may be weighing these two guys pretty evenly, chances are, your heart has already made a decision. If you know deep down which guy you want to end up with, don't string them along - you're not doing anybody a favor by keeping them in suspense. Gently tell the guy you've decided not to date that you can't return his feelings, and we bet he'll understand.

Once you've made your decision, it's natural to wonder, "What if?" But remember, the grass is always greener on the other side, so trust your heart and embrace this new guy for all he's worth.

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