Dealing with your Ex at Work

Dealing with your Ex at Work

April 19, 2017
Is it awkward with your ex at work?
Is it awkward with your ex at work?
After a breakup, most of us are thankful that we don't have to see our exes anymore. We give them back all of those old CDs and hoodies we borrowed over the course of the relationship, then delete their number from our phonebooks and try to forget it ever happened. But what if you're forced to deal with your ex all the time? What if it's someone you work with?

Hopefully you considered this scenario before you started dating someone you work with, which at least gives you a little bit of mental preparation for dealing with seeing your ex every day. If everything just seemed so rosy and you couldn't imagine the relationship ending, we don't blame you - but now it's time to get real and find a way to stay professional around the office.

We know it's awkward to work with your ex, but if you focus on the job and not on the person, it'll get easier. Avoid your ex when you can, but if the two of you have to interact, restrict the conversation to work matters only - it'll make the breakup easier on both of you.

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