Do You Have a Secret Admirer?
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Do You Have a Secret Admirer?

February 01, 2021
Constant stares, secret smiles - you may just have someone crushing on you!
Constant stares, secret smiles - you may just have someone crushing on you!

Think that coworker or friend might want something more? Though it would be great if someone majorly crushing on you would just tell you they're interested in dating, more often than not, you're left trying to translate the subtle signals of a shy secret admirer. Here are some common signs to watch out for.

Body Language

Even if your potential secret admirer is too shy to say a word to you, you can still get a sense of their true feelings from how they act when you show up. In fact, subtle body language cues often offer the best insight into how someone's really feeling.

Stay on the lookout for nonverbal cues like fidgeting, fumbling, and general nervous behavior around you. If they're suddenly acting weird, they might have a crush on you. On the other hand, trying to figure out what someone's body language means can be maddening — especially if they're avoiding you because they're super shy! Speaking with a psychic advisor can help you decipher hard-to-read signals.

Getting Touchy-Feely

Sure, that brush against your arm could be accidental, and it's normal for a friend to lean in for a hug, right? Well, if those touches turn constant, it may mean something more.

That pat on the back, the hand touching yours when they reach for a pen at a meeting, a napkin at lunch, then their arm just happened to brush against yours when they were putting on their coat. If that sounds familiar, your admirer may be making the moves on you.

Stolen Glances

Can't keep their eyes away? Those stolen glances could signal a not-so-secret crush. If you think you have an admirer, pay attention to how often they look at you. Subconsciously or not, someone who's crushing will have a hard time looking away.

If your admirer adds a nod or smile to those looks, that's an even bigger sign. Of course, some secret admirers get hit with a bout of shyness whenever the object of their affection is around — so if they quickly look away as soon as you make eye contact, that could also mean they're crushing on you from afar.

Little Gifts

If you're constantly finding little notes when you get to work, or there's a bouquet of your favorite flowers sitting at your doorstep when you get home, you might have an admirer. Small, thoughtful trinkets offer a surefire sign that you're constantly on someone's mind. If someone's taking the time to make personalized gestures they know will mean something to you, they're looking for ways to show their affection.

Whether you're interested in pursuing a relationship or you want to redirect someone if you don't share those feelings, learning to read these signals can help you figure out how to act in return. Get a psychic reading to get even more clarity on your suspected secret admirer.

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