Ghosting on Love: A Glossary of Modern Dating Terms

Ghosting on Love: A Glossary of Modern Dating Terms

February 08, 2021
Getting ghosted sucks, but that's not the only modern dating phenomenon to watch out for.
Getting ghosted sucks, but that's not the only modern dating phenomenon to watch out for.

Modern dating comes with a whole set of challenges. Internet dating has made things infinitely more convenient but simultaneously way more confusing. For better or worse, eHarmony, Tinder, OKCupid, and other dating apps have changed the dating landscape, and with these behavioral changes have come a slew of new dating terms. Think you need a dictionary before you dive into dating, online or otherwise? We've got you covered.


When a person pretends to be someone they're not to entice someone else into a relationship, that's the definition of catfishing. The nefarious scenario has someone creating a totally fictional persona to draw you in.


Ghosting is the modern (and super frustrating) way of breaking up. You go on a few dates, have an amazing time, and start texting back and forth. Then — nothing. That person you thought you had a connection with simply vanishes. 


While catfishing involves someone straight-up pretending to be someone they're not, kittenfishing happens when someone tries to lure you in by stretching the truth. They might use old or altered pictures or lie about their height or weight. Either way, you walk into the bar and find someone who only sort of looks like the person you swiped right on.


Maybe you had something good going with that OKCupid match, only to have the relationship fizzle over time. Then you realize that person keeps watching your Instagram Stories and opening up your Snapchat. That's known as orbiting. That former flame is trying to let you know they're still interested — without, you know, actually saying anything. Not sure if this is what's happening to you? Speaking with a psychic advisor can help you make sense of those hard-to-read signals.


The realm of internet dating has led to this unfortunate phenomenon. You're seeing someone regularly, maybe even for a few months, thinking you're monogamous. They, on the other hand, keep using their dating app to secretly date other people. The term "roaching" comes from the idea that if you see a cockroach, there are more lurking around that you just don't see (yet).

Soft Ghosting

If "traditional" ghosting has someone vanish into thin air, soft ghosting is its possibly even more infuriating counterpart. Instead of disappearing without a trace, the person you're seeing likes your texts without responding. In other words, the ball's back in your court, but you have nothing you can actually work with.

Thirst Trap

You're looking to attract attention, so you post a sexy photo on social media. We've all put up a thirst trap at one time or another!


Think getting ghosted was bad? Zombie-ing is when that happens twice. Basically, someone you're into ghosts you once, then they come back into your life. You're talking again, going on dates again. And then, they ghost you. Again.

Whether you want to know if someone you like is ghosting you or just plain busy, or think you're being kittenfished, it's always helpful to talk things over with someone you trust. Get a psychic reading to help make sense of your dating life.

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